Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun with Photo Christmas Cards (and the Battle for a Perfect Picture!)

At dinner the other night (I think it was Thanksgiving) Paul asked me if I'd gotten our Christmas cards out yet. It is clear that he remembers those early exuberant days of marriage, when I mailed all of our Christmas cards (and the number was something like 150) the day after Thanksgiving. Instead I almost chocked on my turkey and said "Not yet." And after an expectant pause: "I'll get right on that."

Tonight I have been over at Shutterfly looking at the various picture cards. At first glance this card was my favorite (although this one seemed very Sadie like). But after a few moments of making a mental list in my head of the number of cute, holiday pictures we have snapped this year of Sadie (Sadie is going through a phase where she ducks her head when she sees a camera as if she's going to be permanently damaged by my constantly flashing flash!) I decided to pick one with less photo spots to fill (although I think the card with tons of pictures are darling!).

Then I realized the trick to getting the card I absolutely loved to work with our limited number of Christmas-y photos. Black and white pictures! Without color I can mix and match pictures from throughout the year, which will really expand my choices! And so here it is... my favorite card (that's also the card pictured, which is the sample photo from the site). I'm just a sucker for cards with tons of photos! I love how they look!

I am one of those people who is really into photo gifts for family members (especially for the grandparents and great grandparents!). I've always loved making photo Christmas cards and birth announcements! And every single year I promise myself that I'm going to gather pictures of the whole family together and make a calendar with corresponding pictures and birthdays for each month. But for tonight I am focusing on picking out pictures for my Christmas cards (oh my! It's already December! Time goes by so much more quickly than it used to!).

Here are a few of the Christmas card pictures that are currently in the running:

Or maybe I'll go even further back in the year...

Or even, for the very first time, have a family picture on our cards...

Decisions, decisions!

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