Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Apologetics... A Way to Make Housework Fly By...

I've found a new tactic that makes doing tedious housework (cleaning the kitchen each night is a prime example) fly by. Real Catholic TV. We have definitely continued to get our money's worth out of our premium subscription to Real Catholic TV. I prop my computer up on top of our grill and pick out a program and begin my cleaning routine (I also do this while I work on my rosaries, jewelry and chaplets). Time flies by.

I usually start out by watching the Vortex and the Catholic News Roundup (which are relatively short compared to the longer subscription programs). Then I have a choice to make. Is it an apologetics night (found in the program "Basic Training")? Or will I click on "Armor of God" which is a series based on the Baltimore Catechism that includes titles like "The Holy Spirit and Actual Grace" and "The End of Man."

If Paul is downstairs and we have a (relatively) short amount of time, chances our we'll end up watching "One True Faith," which will likely lead to a disagreement about which episode we're going to watch. Will it be from Season Seven, which examines the occult? Or will we go further back (we recently watched Season Two's "The Great Heresies" and it is a favorite)?

If we have a bit more time there's a good chance we'll watch one of the Catholic Investigative Agency programs (the one that investigates the CCHD is deeply disturbing... the stuff you read about the CCHD most of the time, and I read pretty much everything I can find about it, is really just the tip of the iceberg).

And there are still quite a few programs I haven't even watched a single episode of yet, so there's a good chance I'll be on here talking about how wonderful they are in the near future.

At the moment the apologetics programs are my favorite. After watching two hours of programs on the eucharist I was excited to talk with Paul about pretty much everything I could remember (particularly the links between the old testament and the new testament!). I would love to write a weekly post here and touch on the many wonderful things that I'm learning, but at the moment my brain feels so full that I'd have a hard time processing it and putting it in a neatly well thought out post. I'm hoping that isn't too far away though, because I'd love to discuss what I'm learning with people who are interested.

I also love that watching has been inspiring me to study on my own more, when I have spare moments (which is admittedly rare and means I'm getting a bit less sleep!).

It's a good thing I married a theology student. Otherwise I'd be driving my husband crazy with all this talk!


  1. I totally get it. My Baron loves to listen to apologetic things, subscribes to strictly catholic news sources, and is an arm chair theologian. I think he's just biding his time before going to become a deacon. We tend to walk on the trad side of things. I've been thinking of subscribing to catholic TV but I think we'll have to finish off all the audio cds we've compiled. He needs to get cracking on all of his books. I've made a rule lately that he can't buy a new book until he finishs the ones he's gotten. Now if we can just get through all those podcasts that tend to pile up. You've inspired me to write a blog post about what I see as the progression of early 20's to mid 30's internet catholics. I might hold off on that one till I have a better following. For now I've only got 3 followers.

  2. I do the same thing. I'll put the laptop on the countertop and fire up EWTN Radio or some archived audio from their site or the Catholic Answers site. Then start to clean up the kitchen. I also have found RCTV to be awesome... Myself tending to be Traddie really like the CIA episode "Weapons of Mass Destruction". It's great that you and your husband can get into it together.


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