Monday, December 27, 2010

The New Place: Part 2: The Flooring Incident

Deep breath. In the grand scale of things this is tiny. Miniscule. And after the past few months it really shouldn't bother me at all. We've had big things happen. This is tiny.

Still, I'm sitting here, while dinner cooks, very much bothered.

I just got off the phone with Paul and he described the beautiful grey and brown vinyl flooring that was just installed in our new place. At first I didn't realize there was a problem. Because I had picked out brown and grey flooring. I believe it was brown for the kitchen and grey for the bathrooms. Most definitely not brown and grey together on the same tile.

After a few seconds description and the words "the linoleum for the bathroom and kitchen and entry way all came off the same roll" I began to realize there was a problem.

No. they couldn't have come off the same roll. I picked a big brown roll for the kitchen to match our brown carpet (it's all one room). I picked a little grey roll for the bathrooms. I most certainly did not pick a grey and brown (combined) pattern.


Okay I guess I'm mostly bothered because I feel like no one is listening to me at the moment (probably why I'm blogging right now too). I'd been very excited about picking out brand new flooring. I described what I picked 50 times. And no one noticed that something else entirely came in and was installed (I was watching the girls since the place isn't exactly child friendly at the moment)?!?!

This is it. It's out of my system. I'm sitting in a living room with stained, disgusting carpet. New flooring is new flooring. It will be clean and when I see it I'm sure I will love it. All of it. Brown and grey. And brown and grey together...


  1. It will be wonderful. I know how you feel. My kitchen paint was neon pea green when I started. After 2 more cans of paint it's now a nice green that doesn't make my guests wonder if a young child picked the color from an 80's neon color palate. It will be ok and you will love it because it will be in YOUR house, which doesn't fill up with smoke.

  2. Just curious, are you buying or renting?

  3. My parents bought it and are renting it to us.

  4. It's always nice to rent from parents. They tend to be more lenient than others when times are hard. My parents and my grandfather bought our house and we are paying them back with the government required interest. So my family is really our lenders. :)

  5. Our first home (for 10 + years) was a 12 X 50 foot mobile home. We borrowed the money to buy it from my mom and put it on land that my father-in-law owned. Our mortgage payments were basically the interest on the loan in the lean months (when hubby was unemployed -soemthing around $65) and about $150 the rest of the time. My FIL charged us NO lot rent. It made those lean early years a lot more doable. We bought land right next door and built our own house (took 4 years to get it to the point where we could move in and 25 years later it still isn't "finished,"). Believe me you'll love having a place without the problems from before so much that the color of the flooring really won't matter. I do know what you mean about people not really listening to you. I think it's that when a project like this gets on a roll it sometimes takes on a life of its own.

  6. Hi Liz
    The "people not really listening to me" was because I was so excited when I picked out the flooring that I told my whole family exactly what I picked and how I'd picked a long roll of brown for the kitchen and a short roll of grey for the bathroom. So when one roll of brown mixed with grey arrived and no one said anything (and then acted like I was crazy when I found out and said that it was the wrong stuff), it was kind of upsetting. I think I was more upset about that reaction (getting upset with me when I said in a very calm tone that I knew there was nothing that could be done but that they'd installed the wrong stuff) than I was with the actual vinyl (although there's no way in a million years I would have picked it)...

    It is nice to have our rent go down. We're going from $695 a month (70% of our income) to $500 a month (50% of our income). Still tight, but more doable!


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