Thursday, December 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home: A Walk Down Memory Lane

I decided to take a walk down memory lane today and remember the homes that Paul and I have lived in over the course of our four year marriage.

We started out small (with a much bigger garden). The biggest problem with this one was that it had a five gallon waste tank that had to be emptied frequently (and it was a long, uphill walk to do so) and that it only had ice cold water from a hose hooked into it:

Then came the cabin (the cabin is the small hundred and something square foot building on the right, the water tank is the similar sized building on the left). I love the cabin! I think it's the reason I actually don't mind having a small room, because it reminds me of our cabin days. If only the cabin had water inside it would have been perfect:

The inside of the cabin...

The apartment of oh-so-many-911-calls:

Still, if it weren't for all the problems that plagued us here, it would have been a good little home (side note- a question I've come to wonder frequently since living here: Why do all domestic disagreements in this place have to move outside into the parking lot/driveway? Don't people know that when you take a fight outside the possibility that the police will respond increases exponentially? And don't people realize that by the time they're screaming "I'm not going back to jail!" they probably are going to be spending the night there?)...

But inside it nice and cozy. At least it was nice and cozy when it wasn't smokey.

We have a lot of work to do (another post on that!) but I am thrilled! Home sweet home!

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