Thursday, May 12, 2011

Daily Dose of Cuteness: Walking?

Mae did something that looked a lot like walking yesterday... but I'm not sure if it counts! She has been standing for a couple months, and has been "cruising" for a week or two (walking along the edge of furniture). Yesterday she let go of me and took a couple of stumbling, leaning steps before grabbing onto the edge of the heater. Paul said she'd done the same thing in the kitchen earlier, while going from cabinet to cabinet. She's not really walking from place to place like Sadie did when she first started out (at 12 months) but I was leaning towards counting it since she was taking a couple steps not holding on to anything. What do you think? Does it count as walking?

Sadie (who calls herself "Sae Bae" now and at times "Hadie Cat!") is talking up a storm. I had to smile when I heard a little voice from the back porch calling out saying "This is too heavy for me!" as she struggled to carry a huge jar of bubbles out to bring to Nani. She's very suddenly speaking in huge sentences (despite the fact that I didn't take the advice of our doctor who was pretty sure I should put her in day care to get her to talk...) and has taken to saying "Oh my goodness!" just like Mommy. Another favorite is adding "Not today but tomorrow!" on the end of pretty much anything Nani says. And example would be:

Nani: "The caterpillars are to go inside their chrysalises to become butterflies!"
Sadie: "Not today but tomorrow!"
Nani: "I don't know, they're pretty close... It might be today!"

I think she had to start speaking more in order to explain all the things she likes to explain to her sister (from the backseat of the car I'll hear "We're going to Nan's house Mae Bae!") and to boss her sister around (she's actually started saying "Boss, boss!" because I had been saying: "You're not bossing your little sister around, are you?"... and she's apparently figured out what it means and uses it when she is being bossy!).

Now for a trip to the city to do our "Big" food shopping... that's always an adventure with the girls!

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  1. I would say its "first steps" but not walking; if that makes sense? My baby girl has been doing this for a month or so too and will now take 8-10 steps at a time but since she still mainly crawls, I don't call it walking yet, but that's just me :)


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