Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Mae Bae Bite Me!"

We've been warning Sadie that her sister has a tooth. And that she wields that tooth passionately to sooth her aching little gums. Until this morning Sadie was laughing off the warnings. Come on Mom, Mae Bae is a Bae. She can't really bite.

Then I heard it. "No Mae No!" followed by "Mae Bae bite me!"

Sadie was more than a little pleased. She cherishes any reason to tell her little sister "no!" If you ask her if she is bossing her little sister around she'll say "Boss! Boss! Boss!" And Mae follows her sister around with an adoring little look on her face, pretty happy to be included in any plan (particularly if it involves the destruction of the house). Their favorite activity is removing every DVD that we own from the cabinet under the DVD player. It has a little lever lock, but they both can open it in about two seconds and in less than five minutes they can create a mound of DVD boxes that pleases them both immensely.

In other news, Sadie continues to grow and looks determined to pass me in height by kindergarten (I'm 5'5"!). In this pictures she's wearing a t-shirt I wore sometime in elementary school... it's a size ten...

Together the girls make up a solid sixty lbs of baby... I never knew that being a mom would be such an upper body workout!


  1. Wow.. Paul must be tall! From pics of the two of you I thought you were about 5'1". Sadie might indeed grow up to be taller than you, who knows. Nothing like realizing your "little one" is taller than mom!

    Angela - who is experiencing exactly that.. amd I am tall!

  2. my daughter is 6....and she is already up to my chin! And my son is 4...and he is up to his sister's chin! My husband is 6'5"...at least I'll always have someone around to help reach the top shelf of things (considering I am 5'2").


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