Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Snoods, Snoods and More Snoods!

While we drove to the Bay Area I made rosaries for Paul's professors and a classmate. While we drove back I sewed. Over a dozen snoods later it was time for a photo shoot for A Snood for All Seasons. Today will actually be Day 2 of the photo shoots because there were so many snoods and only so much baby patience to go around. Here are my favorite pictures. By the end of the shoot we were calling them "swim hats" because Sadie, who doesn't mind it if I put one on and leave it, was growing a bit impatient with me changing her "hat" every two minutes. Apparently changing her "swim hat" made it a bit more acceptable.

Most of these snoods are made with a "retro 1930's print fabric" that I bought four or five years ago. I loved the prints, but I never could find the right thing to make out of them (they were all fat quarters and every single scrap of fabric was used making them, so these will be the only ones of their kind unless I magically stumble upon these fabrics again someday).

Here are the highlights:

This was around the time we discovered, with the "Pink Flower" Snood that there's more than one way to wear a snood. It actually looked pretty cute with her hair down and up!

Sometimes it was tough to catch her to snap a picture as she zoomed back and forth on her tricycle.

But she was more than willing to pause to play peekaboo with her baby sister.

Mae Bae played in her crib after getting out of the pool and modeled on of my favorites: The Garden Snood (I wish I had enough fabric to make a grown up one!)!

She played with the lilacs while wearing the "Kids" Snood.

More fun with the "Eyelet" Snood.

This may well be my favorite little girl's snood of all time. It reminds me of "Make Way for Ducklings" and "Jemima Puddleduck." I wish I had more of this fabric!

Sadie models the "Dots" snood on Grumpa's lawn mower.... in one of her fancy dresses...

And that is (in part) what I've been up to lately. I will have more grown-up snoods up soon! I got so wrapped up using all my 1930s material (and there are more 1930 snoods coming!) that I didn't finish the grown-up snoods I've been making!

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