Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Snood for All Seasons: "Little Girls" (and more snoods!)

I've been staying up late having fun designing snoods and I'm really excited about how my latest pattern turned out! Now that I've gotten the process down (and have learned some tricks to snood making!) I'm gotten much quicker and today I'll be going over to Nani's to photograph the latest snoods (there should be eight new snoods up by late tonight!).

The best part is that my newest snoods are a diverse bunch. There will be satin and lace and crepe and cotton. And I will be adding a new line with four "Little Girl" snoods (one of which Mae is modeling here) that will start at $12 (for the cotton ones, like the snood shown). Because the amount of fabric used in making snoods is rather small, and I've been shopping fabric sales, I'm able to offer my snoods at very competitive prices, which was part of my initial intention when opening my shop. I set out to design headcoverings that stayed put, were beautiful (and well made) and didn't break the bank, because I know many of you, like our family, live on a limited budget, and I'm happy to say that I think I've met that goal.

One of the things I'm very excited about is how these snoods fit. Because I have an elastic band across the back of each snood they fit a wide variety of heads. The snood Mae is modeling would also fit Sadie comfortably (she's currently a size 5 to give you an idea of the range) and could fit a child who is larger than Sadie, although it does fall short of expanding enough for an adult to wear.

The pattern I've designed has the advantage of being one piece, so the only seams are those that run along the edges of the fabric, making them quite comfortable. It's taken some time over the past month coming up with the perfect design, and quite a bit of trial and error (we have quite a few "play snoods" in our house that are almost perfect, that the girls can have fun with!) but I'm very pleased with the finished design!

And I can hardly wait to show you my line of lace snoods!

Also, to answer a question I received, snoods are appropriate for Mass! I've worn veils and snoods and hats and scarfs to Mass. There really aren't any rules on what you have to (or don't have to!) wear! I've experimented and what I pick depends on the weather and how unruly the girls are acting when we leave (I'll admit that lately they've been so obsessed with my coverings that when I wear a chapel veil I also bring along a snood just in case they get too distracted... because they don't seem to obsess over the snoods as much as they do over the beautiful lace!).
Happy Wednesday! I can't believe it's already May!


  1. She looks like a little doll! Like one of those china dolls that you get that are supposed to be global like she's Russian or Polish or something. So cute!

  2. Oh so cute!!!! Her eyes are stunning! I have a hard time having my 3 year old keep her veil on during Mass, I wonder if she'd keep something like this on. How do your children do with keeping them on?

  3. Mae's little hands go up the second she isn't distracted.

    Sadie, on the other hand, has done much better, although we haven't tried during Mass yet. I told her she looks like Holy Baby with her head covered, so that might have something to do with it! Today I was worried about her wearing different snoods while I took pictures, so I told her she could sit on Grumpa's lawn mower (that also ensures smiles!) but she actually didn't mind them at all! So far so good!

  4. Reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie... which is a very high complement considering how much I love the way they used to dress!

  5. Love the green one! They all look great, though! :-)


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