Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Turtle Bay Dress

Yesterday morning when I was getting dressed Sadie ran into the room like a mini-hurricane intent on rushing me out into the living room. To distract her from climbing up and jumping on the bed I asked her what I should wear. She instantly came to the edge of the bed and said "Turtle Bay Dress!" Now she's told me she wants me to wear my "Turtle Bay Dress" before but I always just thought she was being silly, because Turtle Bay is a park we sometimes visit when we go to "The City" with Nani and Grumpa and so I just assumed by saying "Turtle Bay Dress" that she was asking to go to Turtle Bay.

This time though, I asked her which dress that was (expecting a random answer) and she carefully glanced at my skirts and pulled on this one (I already had the white top in my hand):

I didn't immediately make the connection, but after a moment it came to me. When she was around 14 months old we went to Turtle Bay for their big Birds and Butterflies exhibit, where they have an aviary full of birds and a separate butterfly house. Apparently that moment was pretty big in Sadie's life because I was wearing the same outfit on that day back in September of 2009 and it is now my "Turtle Bay Dress."

We have pictures of the day in her photo albums, but she's hardly touched those in the past year! Here are a couple of my favorites:

Either way... What a memory!


  1. I have to agree with Sadie's choice. I love the turtle bay dress. It's amazing what kinds of things little kids can remember. Something just wonderful must have happened for her that day.

  2. Cam.I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your blog.I see that Delana(I think thats her name)deleted you from her list.I thought something was fishy that she came up with her snoods when you had been doing it for weeks.I think you are a outstanding women for being strong through this .I am sorry to say that her blog isnt what it use to be and I am not sure that I will continue to read her.Take care of Paul and the girls and thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the kind words Tina. It's been a dramatic sort of week. It's been getting better though.

  4. I really like this skirt, and the way you paired it with the white skirt and pearls. You look really nice and modest, yet not frumpy. Long, but not floor length, and nice skirts can hard to find. When I go to Goodwill, virtually all their skirts are extra extra large. The return of the micro-mini makes me want to barf.

  5. What beautiful pictures. You have a precious little one!


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