Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Brain is Mush... But the 58 Page Theology Thesis is Edited!

Yesterday Paul kept asking me the same question, over and over again. It was different versions of this:

"But, you will proofread my paper tonight? Right?"

It struck me as odd that he was so worried about it because a) I had already read the entire 58 page paper once a couple of days ago and b) I would only be rereading the 4 pages he had had to edit after getting feedback from his advisor.

And four pages, in my book, really isn't that big of a deal.

At dinner time the reason behind the question became clear and I realized, it was something of a trick. He'd meant the whole paper. Again... Something that he'd earlier indicated wasn't going to happen...

I put down the snood I had been pinning and stared at him as I watched my three hours of sewing/rosary making/ posting items on etsy time flit out the window. It's not that I don't enjoy reading about theology. It's that I have a very strict schedule in my "the-babies-are-asleep-time" with a to-do list that is always slightly longer than the allotted time allows.

And 58 pages of theology don't just fly by for me, even when the paper is very good (although he was right and it was good that I reread it because I found a few little grammar mistakes that I tweaked).

I did enjoy reading the paper. And I did learn even more from it the second time. It's about what God is communicating to us through the Passion, which is a shift that comes about half way through the paper after a look at the various answers that have been given to the question "Who was responsible for the death of Jesus?"

So that's my excuse for my lack of a blog post this morning: my brain is still feeling a bit like mush. Hopefully I'll have a good pork enchilada recipe for you all soon though!

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