Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Holy Baby Birthday!

Sadie has been adamant for months now.

She's not open to compromise.

And she won't be manipulated.

She wants a "Holy Baby Birthday" with a "Holy Baby Cake." She started thinking about it back when it was my birthday, and has been set on the idea ever since.

She also doesn't respond to Sadie any longer. Anyone who calls her Sadie is met with a tearful:

"I want be Holy Baby!"

She does accept being called "Sister Scholastica" however.

She even went with Nani and picked out "Tangled" plates and napkins (she will have a Tangled celebration at Nani's). I was hopeful. But when we got to the car and I asked her what her birthday was going to be the answer hadn't changed: "Holy Baby Birthday" (which actually sounds like "Ho Bae Birthday!" because she hasn't quite gotten her l's down 100%).

I tried when she was bouncing off the walls at Nani's house watching Winnie the Pooh. "Would you like a Winnie the Pooh party?" (as visions of all the easy birthday packets at Walmart danced through my head... this was before Nani had gotten her Tangled plates...). Without missing a beat she said "Holy Baby Birthday" and continued frolicking.

So I've been wondering... What exactly is involved in a Holy Baby Birthday Party? I have ordered two "party favors" (one for Sadie and one for Mae) from Saintly Silver on Etsy.

Here's Sadie's Softy:

And here's Mae Bae's Softy:

And I do plan on making a few things (some nun dolls like the dolls on my shop) and a "Holy Baby outfit" for Sadie.

Any other ideas for throwing a Nun Themed third birthday party? I have a little over a month to get ready for it and while I wouldn't usually be putting this much effort into a birthday party (particularly since it's going to be almost all family) a Holy Baby Birthday does seem to require a little extra work! Ideas?


  1. Why not use baptism/First Communion decorations (although ones that don't explicitly say Baptism or First Communion on them), like these, maybe.

    Also, check out the blog Catholic Icing... she has a TON of Catholic-themed crafts; I bet you can find some good ideas!

    I bet you can make a cross-shaped cake and/or cross-shaped cookies fairly easily as well.

  2. Thank you so much JoAnna-

    The plate and cups were what I was spending the most time wondering about! And those are perfect! I just put in a little order! Thank you!!!!

  3. You could make cupcakes and shape them in a rosary.

    That website in general, as great ideas for religious parties to honor the Saints and Feast Days.

  4. Why don't you have the girls help you with making plates. (Buy plain old white paper plates and get Sadie to draw on a few. Put them on the top of the stack tell everyone not to used them and then she probably won't notice the difference since I'm assuming it's a mostly adult party.) You could also get a cake pan (like this snow man ( and transform it into a nun. Just ideas. I had to get creative when I was doing therapy with little ones. I'll keep thinking.

  5. As good as you are at making things, I bet you could fairly easily make a nun-shaped cake resembling the "nun favors" you posted. It should be easy to cut a rectangular cake into the basic shape, and then just copy the habit, features, etc., with decorative icing. (Perhaps you should avoid "devil's food" cake, however.) ;)


  6. I'd suggest getting a bunch of graduation party stuff. They are primarily black (nun's habit) with bits of colors added. Try starting there.

  7. Those softies are adorable! This is the first I have heard of them. I just messaged the maker to see if I could possibly get a St. Louise for my daugther's baptism anniversary on June 14. Thanks for the great resource!



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