Wednesday, May 25, 2011


While I was making dinner last night Paul and I began talking about one of the comments from yesterday's post. Cliff made a great point. It was something that I'd thought about in a round-about way, because I do know how grateful I am to have the friendship of so many wonderful people across the country through the Catholic blog-o-sphere (and CAF) who share my beliefs. But I'd never given much thought to what it would have been life "before" this all existed. He said:
"Been there, done that... with the snarky comments. Fortunately, you young folks have the internet to keep connected & encouraged. It can seem lonesome at times and the temptation to self-pity or discouragement may be present. People are so odd."
The more I thought about it the more thankful I was. You see, in real life, I don't know anyone who has taken the path that we are attempting (at least who are at this point in their lives). But I can go online after the girls are in bed and the days work is done and read about other Catholic women and men who've made the same decisions and who are face the same struggles.

I can even see that I fit a certain stereotype.

I'm a skirt wearing, headcovering, rosary praying mom who hopes God blesses her with a large family and who wants to homeschool.

In California I'm something of a freak. In the Catholic blog-o-sphere I'm like a sizeable portion of the population. And that makes life much easier.

You all have been so inspirational and informative and I'm very thankful for that!

Thank you all! And may we all continue to learn and love God together (and maybe there will be more of us as time goes on!)!

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  1. Cam said:

    "I'm a skirt wearing, headcovering, rosary praying mom who hopes God blesses her with a large family and who wants to homeschool. "

    Me, too! I sometimes feel amused by the reality that these are the choices that I am making, because I SOOOO don't feel that I fit the stereotype of such a woman (and really, who ever feels they fit a stereotype?). And it is wonderful to read blogs such as yours to help me realize that I am not alone. And actually, since I started wearing feminine dresses/skirts and headcovering at mass, I have discovered a little pocket of like-minded families at my parish! What gems they are! At a recent celebration with this group, to which I brought my non-Catholic Christian mother, my mother was taken aback at how joyfully and obviously Catholic we all were. She speculated that this is what the Body of Christ is supposed to look like, and lamented that she has never before, in all her life, seen such joy at being Christians together. I can never adequately express how much her comment meant to me, and how much I treasure such moments shared with happy Catholics. :-)


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