Friday, November 25, 2011

Fabric Find!

Tonight while I was searching for a fabric that I needed for a new order my hand brushed across a familiar blue-ish, purple-ish/pink-ish dupioni silk.  At first I figured it was just a scrap that was left over, but then I realized that it was a full snood sized piece, with two strips cut for the straps and another large scrap perfect for a combo scarf.  So... I've relisted one of my most popular listings!  This is the only piece of fabric I have that's large enough for a snood, but if this one sells I will look into ordering more from India (most of my fabric comes from stores here in the US, but this is one I've only seen in a certain online store!).  

The fun thing about this fabric is that in some lights it looks blue and in other lights it looks very purple-ish/pink.  It kind of reminds me of a peacock.

And since the coupon deal is still on... someone can get this snood for a steal!

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