Thursday, November 17, 2011

Grand Central Station in Our Living Room

Sadie and Mae are pretty excited about the new addition to the living room, although there is some disagreement about whether Mae is allowed to tough it.  Here Sadie is, celebrating the three hours of work it took for me to build the table, and then put the set together following the carefully laid out map:

We're still super excited about finding this table.  We had a gift certificate gift from Gramma and Grampa and this table was on super sale.  Paul and I didn't even realize it came with all of the trains, we thought it would have a basic train set inside, but thought we were mostly just paying for the table.  Our house now looks like grand central station.

I think it's even more spectacular than Sadie had imagined when she was looking at the box!


  1. I'm very impressed! That looks like it will keep small ones happy playing for hours.

  2. That's awesome!! Early Christmas!


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