Sunday, November 20, 2011

Silver Shoes and a Silver Snood!

I have a pair of gold glitter ballet flats that I wore to our wedding reception a little over five years ago.  As my favorite pair of shoes, they've gotten a lot of wear in the past 5 years and were starting to look a little bit ragged (okay, they kind of look like they might fall apart at any time).  A few weeks ago at Walmart I found the shoes below in the girls' section while we were looking for shoes for black church shoes for Sadie and Mae.  They were $12, but they were size 6 (I'm an 8 1/2).  I tried them on and was pretty excited when they fit (sparkly!  silver!  rounded toe!  $12!).
Now my favorite shoes have inspired a few new headcoverings.  I found this fabric this weekend and when Sadie saw it she started jumping up and down and giggling.  It definitely has the 3 year old seal of approval.  

First are two pictures of a headcovering sewn as a covering/convertible headband.  I'll have to have Paul snap some pictures soon, because these aren't posted on my shop quite yet!

First folded as a headband:

As a covering:

And of course I had to make a snood too!  

You may notice a slightly red, slightly swollen, slightly more crooked looking nose in the pictures.  I somehow managed to slam my nose into a closet door after Mass this morning (how clumsy can I be?!?!?!) and while the swelling is much better than it was this morning, the new crookedness (there was old crookedness too, because it has been broken twice before) is lower down on the opposite side. After five minutes of debating with Paul (apparently the way it looked immediately after the incident was rather scary) it was agreed that I wouldn't go to the hospital (he said go, I said, no way... they won't do anything and I am not wasting my day sitting around waiting for them to tell me that my nose is broken and that I should see a specialist.).

I have developed a nervousness around open doors of all kinds.  I found myself being a little jumpy every time I turned around and saw a cabinet open.  This is my second run in with the kitchen closet in the past couple weeks.... unfortunately if my years of dance and martial arts haven't cured my clumsiness, I don't think there's much hope for it be lessened any time soon!  

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  1. I was going to be all fancy and find the phobia of opened doors. But apparently their isn't a phobia of opened doors as reported online.

    Hope your nose feels better soon.

    PS. The Baron said you're such a girl when he read that your shoes inspired a snood.


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