Monday, November 21, 2011

Shopping with Sadie...

We did our Thanksgiving shopping at Walmart today, along with what felt like every other family in the immediate vicinity.  I don't know how the store can be so crowded.  There's at least one Walmart off of every freeway exit around us.  There's one on the major road south of where we live and there's one a block north.  If you go west a few major roads there's another Walmart there.  They pop up every few miles, in giant sprawling super stores.  And they're brimming with people whenever we go.

As we filed down aisle after aisle in a train-like row of carts, with traffic jams likely anytime anyone paused, Sadie paused her attempts of twirling, escaping holding hands, and jumping up before landing and giving me a good hard yank, to look behind us.  She noticed the line.  Thus began the following conversation:

Sadie:  "They're following me!"
Me:  "They're not following you."  At this point we rounded the corner and entered another aisle.
Sadie:  Glancing behind us in the new aisle:  "They're following me!"  Looking over her shoulder:  "Help!  Help me!  Help!"
Me:  "They're not following you!  They're shopping."
Sadie:  With a giggle this time:  "They're following me."

Our Walmart shopping trip wasn't just for food though.  I realized upon going through the girls' closet that Sadie had no pants above a size 4.  She's a size 6 now.  Since it is starting to cool off, and since we've apparently adjusted to the tropical weather (at least we've kind of adjusted) and 65 feels pretty cold after three months of 85+ with 100% humidity, I decided we needed to buy her a few pairs of pants, on the off chance that it someday falls below 70 degrees during the day.

We picked out three pairs of Walmart's $5 stretch pants and three of their long t-shirts (in size 7-8 so Sadie doesn't outgrow them in a month).  Sadie thinks they're pretty great pajamas.  However I'm not sure I'll convince her to wear them out of the house for anything other than running.  On of Sadie's new favorite activities is going for a run.  I'm thinking of trying to start each day this way, to help Sadie burn off a little extra energy.  Since she was "exercising" (her words: "I want to exercise with you Mommy! Are you exercising Mommy?) she agreed to wear shorts and a t-shirt (I managed to find two that kind of fit).  But as soon as we arrived home she came and found me with a dress and announced that she was ready to be a princess ballerina again.  I have a feeling those pants will be worn like tights under a "princess ballerina" dress.

I also saw something rather disturbing before we left the girl's clothing section.  There was an underwear display that I ran across full of thongs (not the shoe kind).  They started in the size below Sadie's size.  Does anyone else think that's totally insane?  She's three and they're selling thongs in her size?  At the rate Mae is growing they'll likely be in her size by the time she's two.  Do they actually sell those things?  Yuck.


  1. We are deviating from tradition this year because I refuse to deal with the crowds and I didn't get out to shop before the busy time.

    So I pulled two pot roasts from the freezer and I have all the potatoes and carrots, celery and egg plant and a crock pot... so this is what I am cooking for Thanksgiving this year. Everyone loves it, there will be lots of leftovers, and we'll likely have Turkey at Christmas.

  2. I've never made Thanksgiving dinner. This will be my first year. We are having Cajun stuffed Cornish game hens because there is no reason to buy a turkey for 2. I'm also going to make stuffed mushrooms, Brazilian cheesy bread (this is a new one for me. Had it once at a Brazilian steak house.), Asparagus, and cornbread dressing (if I can figure out how to make it). Wish me luck. If it comes out ok I might post all the recipes on my blog after Thanksgiving.

  3. Abercrombie and Fitch was selling those types of unerpants long before Wal-mart started. and Sadly I know people who do think they're cute for little girls.

  4. Thongs for toddlers. Gross! Don't they know that toddlers barely know how to wipe! On a more serious side, I think children need to stay children, and not looking like pin-up models. That is really perverse!

  5. Eww!! I am personally pretty disturbed knowing that they sell those for little kids. (Honestly I don't see the need for adults to wear them either. If you need them to avoid a pantyline in your pants/skirt, what you are wearing it too tight!)

    I have never been at such a crowded Walmart before. That sounds insane!


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