Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sadie's Fervent Prayer...

Last night after we said our family rosary and Paul had left to go to the library, Sadie was laying in bed and said: "Can we pray?"  I told her to go ahead and so she began:

Sadie:  "In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen...  God..." this was followed by a string of words that I couldn't hear clearly and then... "Baby!"

Me:  After a long pause "Did you just ask God to send us another baby?"

Sadie:  "Yes."

Me:  Wondering if being around all the little brothers her friends have has changed anything:  "Are you asking for a boy or a girl or both?"  Yeah, I know, in hindsight I probably shouldn't encourage her obsession with having a house full of sisters (I think that's one of the reasons she loves the movie Therese), but I was hoping she might not be quite as... against have a brother as she was a few months ago...

Sadie:  "A boy!"  (Yay!  A breakthrough... momentarily)  and then another pause:  "A girl!  A girl!  Girl, girl, girl.  God, a Girl!!!!"  So apparently she does still have quite strong feelings about it.  

Me:  "Can you say thank you for our day?"

Sadie:  "Thank you God for our beautiful day!"

So yeah.  She's still campaigning for a sibling.  The last time she asked me about a new baby I told her she should pray and ask God.  So she is.  She's taking her baby-campaign to a whole new level...


  1. That is adorable! Kids prayers are so beautiful.

  2. My oldest was so excited when I had my third. She was old enough to be helpful and really appreciate the "baby stuff." After he was born, though, she said to me one evening, "Mom, I love the way our family is. Don't ever have another baby until I go to college, okay?" I asked her why she felt that way and she said, "Because our family is FULL! And what if you have another BROTHER?!"

    (I have to admit, I secretly had the same concern... Little boys are an absolute joy all their own, but so different than girls - so much more physical work and damage control!)

  3. This is precious!! I guess if she's already obsessed with sisters, don't let her watch Little Women...then she'd never want a brother!!


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