Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reason #5391 That I'm Glad I Found an NFP Doctor...

I keep forgetting to write my final post surgery update!

I went in for my post D&C appointment last Friday.  My recovery is right on track and everything seems to be going back to normal.

I have to say that every time I go in to my doctor's office I leave excited to have found a doctor that actually understands cycles, doesn't pressure me to do anything that I don't want to do, and doesn't look at me like I'm a crazy person who's claiming to have some secret knowledge that no one could possibly know when I mention any cycle related information.  During the miscarriage it got really old trying to explain to the doctors that I had really long cycles post partum after Mae (when they finally came back) and that I was fourteen weeks along, not sixteen weeks along because I knew when I ovulated.  There was lots of spluttering "You know what?!?! How!" that made me want to respond: "Seriously, you're a doctor!  This isn't rocket science!"

And it was a huge relief to have a doctor that had and idea of what was going on when I explained the following:

"I've been thinking about the last pregnancy a lot and I think I might have realized something.  Since I was a teenager I had migraines around the end of my cycle and the start of the next one.  As I've gotten older, the migraines got worse.  They were terrible during my pregnancies with Sadie and Mae.  And after Mae was born they increased and I started having an aura where half of my face and hands go numb and I slur my words.  They were happening all the time.  And then I found out that I was pregnant this last time and they stopped.  Completely.  Or almost completely.  I had one during the entire pregnancy.  At first I thought that was a good thing.  But the more I think about it the more I wonder whether the hormone that causes the migraines wasn't really there this time around."

She immediately understood and said the name of the hormone I'd been thinking was probably low and I left the office with a prescription for progesterone.

I have a feeling that most of the doctors I've seen in the past would have said: "Hmmm... Okay...  Do you want a prescription for The Pill?" if I'd told them that same story.

It's also nice to have a doctor who looks horrified when I told the story of how, with my pregnancy with Mae the doctor waited until an appointment when Paul wasn't with me (late in the pregnancy) to ask if I was sure I didn't want my tubes tied (at our "Catholic" hospital) when they did the c-section.  Because that's totally a decision I should be making when I'm hugely pregnant...  It just seems like a recipe for regret.

Anyways so I am still thrilled to have a doctor who actually understands hormones!

In other news Sadie continued her prayer campaign yesterday, asking God over and over again to send her a new baby sister and then occasionally coming over to whisper to my tummy before asking me if the "new baby" was in there yet.  She reminds me a bit of the parable of the widow and the judge...


  1. Know exactly what you mean. So glad you found one too!!!

  2. Cam,

    I'm so, so relieved to hear all this! This doctor sounds like wonderful fit. As soon as you started writing about your experience with migraines, my first thought was progesterone too! The knowledge that we gain via monitoring our fertility naturally is so full and empowering.

  3. widow and judge.... yeah, small children can be relentless... makes them powerful prayer warriors like the really old ladies who pray rosary so quietly before mass.

    I wish I had an NFP doctor! Yours sounds marvelous!

  4. I am glad you have found a NFP doc. I drive quite a ways for mine (about 45 minutes) but have found it to be worth it for all of my pregnancies, deliveries and my own health.

  5. Very interesting info re: the migraines/progesterone. It could be valuable information for someone close to me (who was also finally discovered to have thyroid problems by an NFP doc!)


  6. It's so sad that so many OB/GYNs let their ideology blunt their abilities as doctors. I'm so glad that you've found a good fit!

  7. Did the dr. mention anything about nutritional ways to stop the migraines? Progesterone can trigger migraines, but it's still not normal, yk. Oftentimes there are nutritional deficiencies that can cause migraines which are triggered by progesterone. Magnesium and B6 supplementation can often help. Other people find that taking evening primrose oil after ovulation helps relieve PMS symptoms (including migraines).

  8. Hi Amelia- We didn't talk about it at all. I'd definitely be interested in it, because after having Mae they were up to 3 or 4 a week with aura and I was kind of afraid to drive the car. Every doctor I talked to just said "take narcotics, there's nothing we can do... maybe someday when you have insurance you can go to a neurologist..." and painkillers are something I'd really like to avoid. I'm especially curious about the primrose oil since they always (at least pre-nursing) revolved around my cycle.

  9. I thought about Progesterone way back but since you didn't have an NFP only Dr. there wasn't really a way to know. I also have migraines. I am on estrogen cream at the beginning of my cycle and progesterone at the end. I have low temps which apparently indicates a thyroid problem. (Who knew?) I'm taking Iadine for that.

    As for nutrition you might want to look into
    "Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition" by Marilyn M. Shannon. I have 2 copies of the thrid ed. I can send you one of mine if you'd like. If you want to send it back when you're finished that's fine or if you want to keep it that's fine too. Just let me know if you want me to send it over. Hope you keep getting more exciting about having an NFP only OB/Gyn. I know I love mine.

    If God will's it Sadie's prayers will be answered. I know a story about a family who's kids prayed for twins because their mom had hard pregnancies so they figured two birds with one stone. They asked for the intercession of Maximilian Kolbe and mom ended up with twins later in life. Anything is possible if God will's it, even Sadie's house full of sisters.

  10. Cam,
    I too get frequent migraines. I found one herbal remedy that made a huge difference, though - it's a herb called butterbur. I bought it in the form of capsules called "Migranon", and after taking them regularly for 2-3 weeks, my migraines almost completely stopped occurring. I still get them occasionally and probably always will, but they come MUCH less frequently now. Also, butterbur has no side effects - it's wonderful! I'd highly recommend you do some research and see if you can try this; it should be available at most health food stores. Best of luck!

  11. I want to find a NFP doctor who hopefully can help me deal with my endometriosis

  12. I'm so glad you found a good NFP doctor, too! I've been working long-distance with Dr. Hilgers at Pope Paul VI in Omaha on my progesterone levels. It turns out I have thyroid problems and adrenal fatigue, as well. Unfortunately, Dr. Hilgers doesn't do the natural thyroid treatment for that, but there is a fantastic doctor in my town who does. So, hopefully, before long, I'll be seeing some improvement on my health - and fertility! Anyway, thanks so much for blogging such personal things. It's good for the soul - yours, to write about it, and readers' to read about it!


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