Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oh No!

My computer had a... fall... and... is going for a visit to the Apple store...  It works fine, the cord says it's charging, but the computer itself isn't charging...  Thankfully the closest store is very close to our house.  I hope this isn't an expensive, or lengthy, visit.


  1. Ugh, that really stinks. About a year or two ago I tossed the dog's ball to my husband and thanks to my very bad aim I hit his laptop squarely in the apple logo. It ended up being a $300 and some odd dollar visit. It goes without saying that I don't throw balls near the laptops anymore.

  2. My computer decided to call it quits this morning. It won't boot so I'm using the Baron's right now. I want my computer back!

  3. We empathize!!! I hope your computer is covered by Apple Care, which is wonderful.


  4. I am so sorry about your laptop. Mine has similar problems. I tripped over my dog, dropped the laptop and broke my toe all at the same time once. Sadly, I am past warranty so I always just keep it plugged in now..

    I hope that it doesn't cost you too much (or anything) to get your laptop fixed!

  5. I sympathize!! I am so used to using this little machine that not having it would feel really strange!


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