Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Pattern Giveaway!

Since my last giveaway is finally in the mail and on the way to its new home (I'm so sorry it took so long Ann!) I thought I'd have another, and this one will have two winners (and since it's delivered via email will be quick to pass on!).

Some of the most popular items in my shop, A Snood for All Seasons, are the patterns.  I've sold more of my Classic Snood Pattern than any other item by far.  And I've just added my Convertible Headcovering/Headband Pattern, which is the headcovering that I wear almost every day.  There's one rule, which is the pattern aren't for commercial use or resale, but they are great for making your own headcoverings in any fabric/color combo that you can imagine!   So for this giveaway I'll be giving a way your choice of one of these three patterns:

The Classic Snood Pattern

The Convertible Headcovering Pattern

The Child's Classic Snood Pattern (which as of this morning isn't yet posted in my shop on it's own apparently!  I'll try to change that this morning! Edit: As you can see it's up now!)

I'll draw two winners, using, and when I receive your preference I'll email you a PDF copy of the pattern!  Now for details on how to enter:

Make sure that you leave a separate comment for each entry (i.e. one comment for the free entry, one comment saying you're a follower, one comment if you blogged about it, one comment if you tweeted about it... and so on... I want to make sure everyone gets all the entries they deserve when I use the random generator!).

You get one entry for leaving a comment with an email address!

You get one entry for following A Woman's Place!

You get one entry for blogging about this giveaway and letting me know!

You get one entry for tweeting about this giveaway and letting me know!

You get one entry for following me on twitter!

And you get one giveaway for mentioning this giveaway on facebook and letting me know!

This will be shorter than normal giveaway and I'll draw the winner on Friday!


I love comments and I read every single comment that comes in (and I try to respond when the little ones aren't distracting me to the point that it's impossible!). Please show kindness to each other and our family in the comment box. After all, we're all real people on the other side of the screen!