Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Fabric Stash

I think it's hard to judge the size of my fabric shelves by looking at the pictures, but my best estimate is that it's probably around eight feet tall.  It's quite a bit taller than Paul when he's next to it.  I think my fabric sale shopping is finally catching up with me.  I think I have enough for the next hundred or so snoods and headcovering I have planned.  At least that's what I'll tell myself until the next time I run across cotton fabric that's like 80% off and I just can't walk past it...

There is some method to the madness.  Tulle and giant rolls of cotton at the top.  Flannel, felt, fleece and more cotton on the second shelf.  Most frequently used fabrics on the third shelf (lots of lace and silk and linen, with a rather large row of cotton behind it).  More felt and cotton on the next row.  And lastly velvets and brocades on the bottom row.  

The yarn stash is barely visible at the right edge of the picture.  

I have a lot of work to do if I'm ever going to sew my way through this pile of fabric!  


  1. Okay... I didn't think that I could be surprised by fabric. LOL! You've got quite the stash!!! Wait... don't go anywhere and keep that photo up. I've got to show my husband. "See honey, I'm NOT the only one and there really is nothing wrong with me." :)

  2. You should have seen Paul's reaction to moving it across the country! It was probably half the size then... but it still filled quite a few boxes!

    I'm not sure I can convince him it's "normal" though!"

  3. A little stash envy over here!! After a couple of years of sewing neglect, I just pulled my stash out. You can definitely tell that I've not fed my stash in quite some time.

  4. Calling the hoarders tv show right now babe.


  5. The Baron says you need to take up quilting with all the left overs from snoods, and headbands that are too small to make other stuff out of. Hey it's an idea. Maybe baby doll blankets at first? And here I was about to send you fabric for Christmas.

  6. I had a coffee cup given my ex- which said: "The one who dies with the most material wins." She did not die with piles of material, in fact she left it all here, and I disposed of closets full as best I could when she left.

    Buy what you use, AND use what you buy are words of balance, for your life, your family's life, and your budget.

  7. It's just so hard to pass up a good deal! I understand :)

  8. On my! You seem to collect fabric for sewing the same way I collect paper for scrapbooking and card making!

    As long as you are using it (and it seems like you really do!), I don't see anything wrong with buying what you use when it is 80% off. :-)


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