Friday, November 11, 2011

Major Dress Alterations and a Color Choice

I dug this dress out of my Dresses to be Altered pile last night and finally admitted to myself that as is, it was never going to fit again.

This picture explains why:

I've had this dress for 11 years, and it hasn't fit for at least four.  Last night I finally convinced myself that there was no harm in trying to alter it myself, into a brand new dress... after all, it was only going to sit around in the bottom of the closet otherwise.  So I began my plan.  I completed most of the front last night (I have to add two more sections in the back, the picture below is before I finished the front panels).

I'm going to add thick straps and bring the top up a bit higher than it was.  I might also try to do something about the color.  I've been thinking of trying out dyes for a while (this blog totally inspired me to want to give it a try) but I keep going back and forth on the colors.  I just don't want the pink to stand out as much as it is (see those slits?  I'm sewing in large pink triangles to make the skirt fuller.  The front looks great... but very, very bright.  Paul seemed amused when I showed him what I had so far).  

It fits wonderfully now.  I'm really hoping it doesn't look ridiculous when I'm done!  Oh well, either way I'm learning as I go!

What color do you think I should try for dye?  I've gone back and forth between green, purple, blue and red.  So yeah.  I have no idea what color I'm going to pick?


  1. Isn't red one of your favourite colours? What about wine (reddy purple colour) and if it turns out ok it could be your Christmas dress...

  2. Honestly, I kinda like the two colors you've got. LoL. I'll bet your daughters love them, too.

    Either way, this is a great idea. I'd've hung onto that dress for 11 years, too. Cute!

  3. purple might be a good one:)


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