Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sadie's Plot at the Communion Rail

As Sadie walked along side me up to the communion rail this morning she kept turning sideways and giving me a huge, not totally sincere, smile.  I should have known she was plotting as she would take a few steps, turn, smile, look forward, and repeat the whole process.  When we got up to the front she squeezed on the kneeler next to me and placed her hands on the rail.  I put one hand over each of her hands so there couldn't be an incident involving preschooler hands and the Eucharist as it neared my tongue.  She held perfectly still.  She'd really been pretty good all through Mass today, as had Mae, which is a huge change from how they've both acted as they've adjusted to the new, slightly longer Latin Mass.  I received the Eucharist and began to stand when I looked down at Sadie, who was still kneeling and I finally noticed what she'd had actually been doing in front of me.  Her little head was tilted and her tongue was extended as she waited for the Eucharist (which, of course wasn't going to happen!).  The priest was not fooled by her three year old attempt.

Sadie's pretty excited about Advent.  Last night she and Mae got in a fight over their picture Bible (guess who gets it when we fight over it?  Mommy.).  After they listened to the Christmas story I asked questions and was surprised when Sadie told me that Jesus lived in Bethlehem.  Then we talked about Advent and said our prayers and family rosary before going to bed.

This morning I asked Sadie if she knew what today was.  She paused and said:  "It's Advent!  Is it baby Jesus' birthday yet?"  She knew the answer to the question, but she loves to ask it over and over again.  As the girls get older teaching them about God is getting to be more and more fun.  But I better go... Sadie's giving me that particularly sweet smile.  She's up to something.... and I need to put the finishing touches on our Jesse Tree ornaments!


  1. That is so precious! It reminds me of Saint Therese of Lisieux trying to enter the convent early. (With out the scheming and sneaking obviously.)

    It's always really exciting to see your child get excited about our faith.

  2. So sweet! I love her mischievousness :)

  3. :) My sister did that once, except I think she was a little older than three so it almost worked for her.

  4. Just discovered this older post ... it's so incredibly cute ;-)


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