Thursday, November 1, 2012

38 and 1/2 Week Doctor's Appointment: Still Waiting

I waddled into today's OB appointment still gigantically pregnant.  Since Nani is still here it was the first appointment that Paul has been able to come to, since we've moved to Michigan, and the second appointment during the entire pregnancy.

We started off with a weigh in, where it was discovered that I've lost 7 lbs since my hospital trip thanks to the latest round of the flu, which means it looks like I might actually be lighter than I was when I had the girls this time around.  I optimistically pointed out that perhaps the 26 (vs 42+) weight gain means that The Boy won't actually be giganto-baby #3, and my OB pointed out that it may be easier for me to lose the weight, but that it probably has more to do with round after round of being sick than baby size.

Then again I'd be kind of thrilled to have an 8 pounder and he said he was hoping for something in the 7 lb range.  That, I'm afraid, is kind of a day dream if past experience is any indicator and if baby boys generally do tend to be bigger than girls (although it would be pretty fantastic if the boy somehow was a reasonable 7 lb weight!).

Then our weekly "we can't let you go past 40 weeks" conversation came up, which always seems to carry with it the suggestion that +40 weeks = a c-section, although everyone always points out that I have a good chance of that not happening, since I've never actually been overdue.  This time I asked if breaking my water wasn't an option if we did go over 40 weeks and the next thing I knew we were cheerfully scheduling an appointment for next Wednesday at 9 am to have my water broken (that will put me at 39 weeks and 4 days...)

In the past water breaking meant contractions that were pretty quickly 1-2 minutes apart so here's hoping that, if it comes down to an induction, that scenario repeats itself.  He did seem to think that the inhaler had probably already stopped me from going into labor three days ago... so I'm really hoping it starts again on it's own.

I will admit that I agreed to scheduling the appointment because I suspect baby is going to arrive before that day, with the contractions steadily picking up as today goes on and the extended walks I've taken today and yesterday increasingly the contractions as the flu slowly ebbs.

I am going to have to put my foot down on one issue, however.  After discussing scheduling the appointment my doctor asked if I had had a epidural or a spinal with the last two pregnancies, with the clear assumption that I'd be doing one or the other this time.  When I said I had no intention of either he pointed out that it would make him feel better if I had one in place "just in case."  I repeated that I was really hoping to avoid it (that's my polite way of saying that the answer is still going to be "no" when I'm in labor) and we left it at "I can talk it over with the anesthesiologist in the hospital" (where the answer will still be "no" and they can document my "no" yet again for legal purposes... I think my time in hospitals this last year has made me bolder and more adamant).

I'm not really worried about the pressure, however, after spending four days at the hospital, because the atmosphere was incredibly respectful of the varying choices available and the support for VBACs seemed surprisingly high (after having that nurse in Florida rant about how much she hated VBACs while I was miscarrying, I'm a little gun shy about the types of pressure that can be present while I'm in a rather vulnerable position...). And Paul will be there... and we're both about 1000 times better educated on all things childbirth than we were the first time around (his reaction to both the induction and the epidural suggestion was stronger than mine, proving that he really has been listening to me and reading the stuff I've given him on childbirth and labor!).

So... that's the latest.  I'm really hoping for my November 3rd dream due date (for those of you who haven't read other posts about the day, November 3rd is when we found out I was pregnant with both Sadie and Mae, making it a special day for our family!).

Maybe I should go for another walk...


  1. I can say from experience that November 3 is an AWESOME birthday, and I would be THRILLED to share a birthday with him. :)

    Can you compromise with your OB and have a heplock inserted? That way if circumstances warrant IV intervention, it can be started quickly.

  2. I think they're going to let me have a heplock.

    And there is an anesthesiologist on the OB floor at all times, so I'm not worried about the hour long wait I had with Sadie when they needed to do a c-section. I think pushing the epidural is just another "standard operating procedure" thing since the assumption seems to be that everyone will have an epidural...

  3. Well, it looks as if we may have a Nov. 3 baby; dd will be going into the hospital tomorrow evening instead of today, as they want to give her cervix a nudge, and are wary of a very large baby, given her petite frame.

    They routinely do hep locks, and she doesn't want an epidural, either, though she will "wait and see." Her Catholic pro-life OB is great and wants to deliver, rather than the doc on call tomorrow during the day who would evidently be more likely to push a c-section.

    God bless both of you sweet pregnant ladies!


  4. During my VBAC, the staff simply kept a close eye on me, but did not require me to have an epidural. They were confident that, should something go wrong, they would be able to get me anesthesized (sp?) in time for an emergency c-section. I'll be praying for an 11/3 birthday!

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  6. First off, to the anonymous commenter who thought I was portraying my doctor as a jerk, Stop Projecting. My doctor's awesome. I'm sorry he has to practice in a medical community where standard operating procedure means doctors have to live in fear of lawsuits and must suggest certain procedures, even when the risk is incredibly small and when the procedures themselves are often as harmful as what they are meant to prevent (because doing something is better than doing nothing, right?).

    And secondly, calling a pregnant woman a jerk on her blog, after weeks of illness, hospitalization and while going in and out of labor? Really classy. Hope you have a lovely night. Prayers for you that you might be kind and not read ideas that aren't there on any other blog posts.

  7. Good luck!! And yes, it is possible to have a smaller baby after a bigger one... my 1st was over 8 lbs and my 2nd was 6 lbs. 8 oz. (both boys!)

  8. You and your husband are doing very well IMO! Don't let the trolls get to you. That they feel the need to send you mean comments just indicates your blog is so good it gets attention.

    I don't get nasty comments on my blog, but mine is pretty much only read by a couple of relatives and one friend, leaving me with the conclusion that I am plenty boring! Of the handful who read my blog, only one comments. So you could look at the trolls of evidence that yours is a good blog that people enjoy reading.

    My prayers that you have a strong healthy Nov 3 baby, all natural and with a good textbook labor and feel so good after the birth that you shower and enjoy making phone calls to brag on the kid before coming online to tell us all about it! God bless.

  9. I am so excited for you! I cannot wait to log on and see an "I am going to the hospital" or "I just had the baby" post!

    One thing I was wondering... in your conversations regarding induction has the idea of stripping your membranes ever come up? That would be less invasive than breaking your water (although it can at times cause your water to break. I had that done with my 3rd and less than 8 hours later I was holding him! (He was also a big baby- 9lb 3oz). I don't know if maybe it's not a good technique for VBACs and that's why they haven't brought it up, but I thought I'd throw it out there just in case :)


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