Tuesday, December 18, 2012

And a Photo Fail...

Is anyone else shocked at who's the weakest link in these pictures Paul snapped the other day.  Because Patrick is holding his little head steady like a champ.  And Mae is actually smiling.  But Sadie... our little princess of having her picture taken?  She was definitely not on board:

Okay, she's looking at her brother.  That's to be expected.  So I tell her to look at Daddy and we get...


Mae Bae announced that she's smiled for two pictures and is done.  Sadie manages a fake kind of smile.

And... fail....


  1. When my daughter was little enough to be immobile it was easy to get good pictures, she loved smiling for the camera. Now she either decides that she needs to be holding the camera or that the photographer really wants to play with her. Last time we tried getting pictures must of them were blurs of the baby heading strait for the camera. :-)

  2. This is hilarious! A couple years ago I had a family photo snapped at the National Shrine in DC. My friend took nearly a dozen photos and sure we had one workable one, we stopped there. When I downloaded them to my computer, every single dang one had either my camera shy hubby and/or my camera ham 4 year old making some kind of ridiculous face. Our Christmas letter came with one of the funnier photos and an explanation. Beware, the bigger your family gets, the more difficult group photos will become ;)

  3. Patrick looks like a little doll, especially in the first picture.

  4. Just a suggestion for the Christmas Tree. I had 4 boys a year or so apart and 2 cats. I learned to put the tree in a corner. Put a hook in the stud in the corner and take a wire coat hanger straightened out on the hook and wrapped around the trunk of the tree (use 3 if needed) to steady the tree. It will NOT fall. I can attest to cats in the high branches and not one single "timber". Hope this helps. I have one son that is 19 now that I still call "monkey boy" LOL. It survived him. :)


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