Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve!

Tonight started out dramatically when, after finishing the doll house I realized that the box marked "Christmas" actually contained non-maternity clothes and not ornaments and stockings.  I took a deep breath and checked the labels on my carefully labeled boxes and found... no ornaments.  Apparently one of the boxes, which just happens to be the box containing ornaments and stockings, is mislabeled.  

After more searching I went upstairs to search for the back up stocking I'd bought a while back, because they were cute and 50% off, and maybe someday we'd need them... and they were not in the place I'd been tripping over them for the past four months.  

Cue nervous breakdown.

Just kidding.  

I did manage to find two of the good stockings, which thankfully had somehow been packed with my sewing supplies and thus are not safely tucked in a box in the basement.  And I had five ornaments that we'd bought earlier in the year to add to the ornament collection this year.  And before bedtime, after the tree was up we found another small-ish box of ornaments, although definitely not the main Christmas box, which should be sitting near to a box with a six foot tree (which leads me to ask:  How on earth did we lose a six foot tree down there?!?!).

The babies have been thoroughly spoiled this year by our friends and family!  I made the girls each a dress, a chaplet and a blanket and I made Patrick bunting, a hat and a blanket (oh and the doll house which was a very girly "family present").  All the presents around the dollhouse came in the mail this past week!  I was amazed as we unpacked them all tonight!  I'm so thankful!  And the girls are going to be thrilled when they see.  

Here are a few pictures I snapped tonight!  Have a Merry Christmas!

Tonight we replaced the purple and pink advent candles with white... which was good, because these had just about had it. We did manage to light them every night during advent!

The tree. We went with the little one this year since Mae is a climber. And a seek and destroyer. And we didn't think a big tree (or our ornaments) could handle that.

The angel I made by needle felting while driving through west Texas this summer. I finished it as we were pulling into El Paso.

The presents. 
I made three presents for each little bunny this year. So they definitely have been spoiled by friends and family this year! They're going to be so excited when they see these!

I sewed the white flowers Sadie was hoping for on her dress.

The living room.

I finished the doll house tonight, complete with hot pink carpeting and layers and layers of pink sparkle glitter paint.  It took a grand total of four days.  The painting was tedious but the building part was fun!

I made a peg doll for each of our babies including a little saint doll for Christian.

The new candles! Merry Christmas!

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