Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you're having a wonderful day!  I just had to post my pictures, so that all our relatives who live in various parts of the country could see the little ones enjoying their Christmas morning!  Here they are:

The girls raced down stairs this morning to see the decorations and presents that had appeared overnight...

Sadie went straight to the Princess Sofia doll Nani and Grumpa gave her and then to the dress.  And her beautiful happy smile turned into a "fake" camera smile every time I took a picture...

I was really excited to see how well it fit, considering I made up the pattern and hadn't tried it on her once!

A Christmas morning snuggle with Daddy.  After a late night and an early morning, they're both a little sleepy.

Mae discovers candy in her stocking... 
Sadie and her doll compare dresses.  Thankfully I found some little white flowers, so her dress passed muster.

Patrick squeezed into his Christmas outfit and then snuggled under his new robot blanket.

I love this quilt that Patrick received!  It's so cute!!!

Mae tries on a snuggly hat!

Then she discovers the two boxes of blocks that Grumpa made for them... and tries to run off with them...

Mae plays with her Dora dolls in her Dora dress after we get home from Mass.

The girls move their dolls into the doll house (look, there's even hot pink carpet!  The non-pink dolls had to hang out in the attic with the blue floor.).

Sadie plays with the doll house.

Mae plays on the doll house... and amazingly (since I built it and the primary "holding parts together" component is white glue...) it holds her weight.

I took about a dozen pictures of Mae this morning blinking (the little red light lets her now when to close her eyes).  Here's the best "almost blinking" shot.

Sadie models Mae Bae's headband from Auntie Jen (and this is Sadie's pose when I ask her to "look up" and show me the headband).  Auntie Jen knows little girls and got them matching princess slippers and beautiful sparkly headbands!  Sadie is on cloud nine!

I was so excited when I saw the box from the store that makes these little pendants.  Nani and Grumpa have given me one with each of our babies names and birth dates on them and this morning I received Patrick's name and birth stone.  I love wearing this around my neck.

Four special days.


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