Monday, December 3, 2012

Blogging Block...

I have a bit of writer's block at the moment.  All I can possibly think of writing about at the moment is the antics of my children at Mass yesterday... but I was hoping for something that wouldn't scare off parents from taking their children to Mass (they aren't usually like that!  Really!) and so I filed that post in the draft bin.  

I will say that part of what made Mass difficult was Mae's fervent desire to join in with the choir during the High Mass that we attended yesterday... and that now that I'm not there, trying to rein her in, I can at least be thankful that she was excited and giggly about what was going on... although excited and giggly did translate into downright wild.

And so today's post will be short.  Because my brain feels a bit like mush.  I'm hoping, that as all of my sale weekend orders will be finished today and mailed tomorrow, that my brain will be back in working order again very soon.

But for the time being here are a couple of pictures of Patrick being cuddled by his adoring big sister:

Tummy Time Together

I hope your advent got off to a wonderful start yesterday!  


  1. I'll suggest a topic, if you like. I am really inspired by you, both because you support your family through sewing, and because you and your husband have three children while he's in grad school. Any sort of post on how to make that happen successfully would be wonderful, since it looks at the moment as though my boyfriend and I will be going down a similar path, except we will both be in grad school, which probably amounts to the same amount of work as one person being in law school! Thank you! (I did see your post of tips for running a small business on etsy and have filed it away.)

  2. My Little Tiger is marvelous with the Little Crow, who, in response to the Little Tiger playing "peek-a-boo" very carefully said, "peek a boo" back, and did so while sitting on the Daddy's lap and so Daddy is thrilled and it was such a nice moment!


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