Friday, December 14, 2012

Sadie's Search for Her "Surprise"

Mae in one of her favorite spots.
Sadie came down the stairs yesterday with a huge smile plastered across her face, before announcing in a joyful voice:  "Mommy, I found my surprise!"

After a moments pause I realized what she meant.  She'd gone up stares purportedly to use the bathroom (the one bad thing about this house is that there are two bathrooms... one on the second floor and one in the basement... but none on the main floor)... and apparently went into my room for a little pre-Christmas searching.

"Sadie did you go into my room?"

"Yes and I found my Cinderella surprise!"  She beamed at me.

Upon being informed that she wasn't supposed to go hunting for Christmas presents she told me:  "Mommy, you should do a better job hiding them!"

Upon going upstairs I realized that the blanket had been hidden completely out of sight and that she'd had to dig for it, because it was under Patrick's bunting.

After the babies went to bed I sewed Mae's blanket.  Her blanket is actually made out of a piece of fleece that she's had on her bed for the past year.  I cut it into squares and used it to make a Dora blanket.  It's a much thicker blanket now.

And at least I should be able to keep her from finding it in my bedroom!  For the time being, the baby gates manage to keep her downstairs!


  1. When I was growing up, deliberately searching for (and/or finding) your Christmas presents meant that you did not get your presents that year.

  2. I tell Ella that if she finds any of her presents I will return them (or donate handmade) and not buy anything else. She's never gone looking.

  3. Paula, That you know about. I found things almost every year and just learned not to say a thing.


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