Sunday, December 30, 2012

Car Seat Rearrangements and Sadie's Suspicion...

The Christmas season has arrived and all this talk of a baby in a manger has inspired my girls towards baby-craziness once more.

We rearranged the car earlier in the week, before our road trip east to Massachusetts, which inspired another round of conversation about Sadie's longed for brothers and sisters.  We removed one of the captain seats in the middle and moved Mae back onto the bench seat in the back on the opposite side from Sadie.  Patrick is in the other middle seat, with a large space next to him, which makes loading and unloading the girls easier, and gave me a place to sit when we park after going through a drive through on the road so that I can make sure that Mae isn't throwing a hamburger patty across the car, or stuffing chicken nuggets into any of the spaces in bottom part of her car seat.

Sadie, however, suspected another reason for the rearrangement and let us know on the way to Church last Sunday.  You see, with the new arrangement it became clear that there's actually room for five car seats in our car, since the space between Sadie and Mae is quite spacious.

Sadie looked up hopefully and said:

"Are we making room for James because he's going to be coming home soon?"

James is Paul's second favorite boy name, which has come up since Sadie has been asking if Mary Therese is in Mommy's tummy yet pretty much since Patrick came home from the hospital, restarting the play-debate that she has with her father about the gender of any future children.  It goes something like this:  she'll look at him and say "Mary" and he now replies "James" (he used to say "Patrick!") and they go round and round and round over it.  Sadie, however, is now quite taken with the idea of a brother named James, since that's the name of the little prince in the new Disney series, which I'm guessing is why she said James in her question.

I explained that chances are if we're blessed with another baby it will likely be when Patrick is Mae Bae's age, which caused looks of disappointment all around, because apparently Patrick isn't as tiny and enchanting as he was a few weeks ago, and the girls seem to enjoy monitoring the progress of my baby bump when there is a baby on board.

Of course non of these explanations have stopped Mae Bae from patting my tummy or running up and kissing it with a big goofy smile on her face.  When I explained again that Patrick was out and that there isn't a new baby in my tummy she gave me a look like I really didn't know what I was talking about (I think she actually might have pulled of condescending) and patted my stomach a second time to ensure that I knew that she doesn't actually believe what I'm saying.

So Mae Bae has jumped on the baby band wagon... and apparently already sees her baby brother as a middle child...


  1. ROFL! You have the cutest family. I enjoy the antics of your kids as much as I do those of my own and my grandkid. Thank you for sharing. Your blog just brightens my day.

  2. Haha. Well Cam, I'm sorry to say but you better get jumping because babies are going to be in your future (if only in your girls imaginations for a while). Don't send your girls my way because it will only give Josh fuel for his baby fever. I think he's been praying extra hard that I miss read something and end up pregnant. I always said if God wanted me to have a baby he would surprise me with one. (The Idea of having my own babies sure makes me nervous.)


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