Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

I'm currently watching a certain, pink dress wearing two year old, in mismatched shoes, walk around the room wearing three... oh make that four... pink pull up diapers on her head (as I write the number is up to five).  Apparently diapers can also double as hat/scarves in awesome toddler fashion world.  Who knew?

--- 2 ---

Patrick is now pushing himself up onto his hands and knees and rocking back and forth.

I have to say that I think having to big sisters and wanting to keep up with them/get away from them is a key motivator in his non-step quest to be mobile.

And have I mentioned that I'm not ready to have a crawler yet?  Because I'm not.  With Sadie I was totally excited for every little step forward in mobility.  Now that we're on three I find myself thinking "Hey buddy, if you want to be tiny and stationary and stay where I put you for a little bit longer I'm totally cool with that."

Sadie took her first steps at 12 months.  Mae took hers at 10 (although she wasn't walking well until 12).  I have a feeling Patrick is going to be motivated to be a pretty early walker too.

--- 3 ---

Last night there was drama at our house at 2 am.  And then again at 4 am.  Sadie explained it to me while we were waiting for the doctor like this:

Sadie:  "Last night Mae Bae pinched me."
Me:  "Were you in your bed?"
Sadie:  "No.  We were sitting there looking at each other.  And then she kicked me.  And then she pinched me."
Me:  "I bet if you stayed in your bed she wouldn't kick you or pinch you." (Mae really, really appreciates having her own space when she's sleeping... and a twin bed with a cuddling sister doesn't do it for her).
Sadie:  "I was sleeping in Maggie's bed!  I went over there because I got scared."
Me:  "You got in bed with a Mae Monster because you got scared?"
Sadie:  Giggling: "And she pinched me!"

--- 4 ---

I realized yesterday what bothers me about bugs in my house. It's the "in my house" part.

I took a break from sewing yesterday afternoon to work in the garden.  In all my years of gardening I've never seen so many grubs, worms, centipedes.  Every handful of dirt seems to have some creature in it.  And I couldn't help but thinking about how freaked out I'd been by the centipede speeding across my living room floor yesterday.  It made me feel seriously panicked with that is-a-bug-crawling-on-me feeling for the rest of the night.  In the garden, they don't make me feel creepy at all.  They belong there.  Just not in my house.

A centipede in my house will find a shoe thrown in it's direction with such force that it will disintegrate on contact.  But it's totally welcome in my garden.

My first garden.  Oh and look, it's our first home in the background!

--- 5 ---

Paul filed his paper work for graduation yesterday.  Apparently they put it in really early since 3Ls get to register first.  And even though graduation is still a long ways off, it's pretty exciting.  Five years of grad school down, one to go.  And with the way law school has gone by (each month feels like it's about five minutes long since we're been so busy), I know this year is going to fly by too!

--- 6 ---

I've been loading my old pictures onto Google so that I have them in at least two different places.  And I'm having so much fun looking at the pictures from just a few years ago.  I can't believe how much they've grown:

I can't believe how much they've grown!  And how quickly!

And that has me thinking.  I think Patrick looks like someone else I know.

That's Sadie at six months and Patrick at six months!

--- 7 ---

Fourteen.  That would be the number of diapers I just removed from Mae's head.  She's certainly keeping busy while I'm taking a break typing up a quick post.  And it looks like she's restarting her... um... hat making, again.

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  1. Fro the first photos of Patrick, I thought he very much resembled Sadie!!!



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