Thursday, May 9, 2013



Spring is here!  Spring is here!  Even in Michigan, spring is here!

I snapped these pictures of the blossoms on a neighbor's tree to prove it:

And this is the view when I look out my window from bed in the morning!  I love spring!


Here's Happy Patrick on his sixth month birthday (yesterday).  Happy Patrick doesn't know what's about to happen.  Or maybe he does and he's super excited.

You see, he's been lunging at food when he gets the chance and so I thought, why not?  We made it to six months.  You want some sweet potatoes, buddy?

We eat a lot of sweet potatoes in our house.  Think like, a sweet potato a day.

So I mashed some up and added water and voila:

Tasty baby food.  And I had a little and it was sooooo much better
than the stuff you get out of a jar that makes your mouth feel like dying.
Did he like it?  Oh no.  We aren't as eager to eat now.

We'll give it another try in a bit when he starts lunging for food again.

Right now he's still acting like I tried to poison him:


Yesterday I came downstairs and found this:

It was extra special with Sadie's Tinkerbell blanket being the one Paul had chosen to grab.

It might be my favorite picture ever.


Yesterday I sewed/cut/pieced fabric for 14 hours.  That's not including the breaks for nursing and to grab food.  Patrick, my handy helper, was at my side the whole time.  He watched from his bassinet next to my sewing machine, while the girls stood at the door and shook the gate and asked questions and begged for food while I said things like:  "You just ate 15 seconds ago."

There's an easy way to keep Patrick happy, however.  I let him hold the baby wipes.  Then he sits there and crinkles them while I keep an eye on him from a foot away and when he falls asleep I pry them out of his little exhausted hands.  Who knew that they'd be the best baby toy ever?

In other news, I found an old pair of running shoes to wear today.  You see, my counters in the kitchen are so high that I sew standing up... and oh my goodness!  My ballet flats were definitely not doing it.  Now for day two of sewing!


  1. That picture with the blanket is priceless! Do you really sew standing up? Oh my! But I am thinking it keeps little hands away from the machine?

  2. I think that about 85% of pictures of Hannabert and Horn have them sleeping together but not with such beautiful pink blankets! Homemade babyfood is FANTASTIC and SOOO much more tasty. We did spices and oils in ours to beef up the already nutritious foods. Cinnamon/Apple/Sweet potatoes were a big "go to" for us.


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