Monday, May 27, 2013

Week Ending: Memorial Day Edition (Volume 4)

I took far too many pictures this weekend and it was hard to prune them down for a single post!

There were a lot of Patrick smiles and the girls even slowed down a few times so that I could snap them in a non-blurry photo.

Here's our weekend in a (not so small) nutshell:

Patrick enjoyed his first time on a swing!

The girls had two days of fun in the pool... even though it really wasn't all that warm.  There was lots of shivering!

A rare moment: Mae actually smiled and held still when I took her picture!  And her eyes are open!

Patrick rocking his new hat.

Some time in the pool (without water)...


It's hard to work on crawling inside a baby pool...

Summer fun!

These guys (okay three does and one buck) spent the weekend right under the porch.
They may not have appreciated all the running baby steps above them...

Filling Patrick's pool.

Back from looking over the edge of the porch at the deer.

Morning time cuddles!

He loves that swing!
Ready to brave Mass... just the four of us...

Mae on her slide...

This may be my favorite Patrick smile ever.

Waiting for the ice cold water to fill the pool...

"Cheeeeeeeese!" (usually followed by "but Patrick's allergic to cheese!")
 And that was our weekend in photos.  For more weekend fun (and the cutest Princess Dress ever with an awesome Rapunzel braid) head over to Re-inventing Mother!


  1. It looks like you and the children are having an awesome time! We head out of town Thursday.

  2. I love the looks of utter joy on your kids faces!

  3. Sweet babies!!! Patrick and little Gabe seem to be going about the standing/crawling at about the same pace. I love this age! Patrick seems to be a jolly little fellow - our Ben's body type and Gabe's temperament.

    Love the photos.



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