Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just Keep Sewing... Just Keep Sewing...

It's over.  Paul's second year of law school is done.  He is now, officially, a 3L.

Five years of graduate school done.  One more to go.

I should be having a party this week, right?  Sleeping in and lounging around.  Because while law school is really intense for law students, who are at the library for incredibly long amounts of time throughout the year (it's not unusual for Paul to leave for school before 10 am and get home after 1 am), it can also seem pretty stressful having him gone that long when you're in the house with three small, rowdy people four and under.  I'm totally okay during the day... but on those days he's gone through bedtime till 1... those are the days that feel long, because someone is almost always crying while I'm getting everyone else ready for bed.

However, instead I'm really nervous about this week.  I have 20 more quilts to finish.  I have dresses to make.  I have a years worth of work to fit into this week.  I've been working pretty much every day for two months on the craft fair, but so much still remains to be done.  And it has to be a success.  It just has to be.

I keep having panic attack moments where I ask Paul:  "What if no one likes them?!?!?!   What if no quilts sell?!?!?!" in a frantic voice.

Paul has agreed to take the kids this week (which means, playing with them in the living room while I work in the kitchen and basement) but already things are popping up.  He needs to go to the accounting office at the school today.  There are doctors appointments tomorrow and the next day.  Life is not cooperating with my "everything be put on hold until the 18th" request.

This might mean that blogging may be a little spotty in the next week, although I imagine I probably will end up writing each morning here, because that's what I do, and maybe once I get a ton of stuff done today I won't be as panicked tomorrow.  That's the dream at least.

It really is a beautiful day, and I'm so glad to have Paul here (for a week) before his summer classes start (yuck).  Now to get to work!


  1. What kind of law does Paul want to practice? My husband and I loved our summer classes. Is he going to extern/intern as well?

  2. I wish I lived close enough to help you! When my husband was in law school I was in nursing school. We married the day after we graduated and both took our licensing exams 2 months later. I worked and supported us while he studied for the Bar. When we went to Austin for my Nursing exams and got back home we had been robbed! Not a good way to begin.

    I will say though the last year of law school and preparing for the Bar are agonizing.
    I am here to listen though!

  3. Hi there!

    I'm a brand new follower and just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. I am a new mom to a sweet 6 month old girl. I'll be reading your posts and learning from you! :)

    Keep up the great blogging! I am enjoying your posts. Hope you'll stop by and visit my blog sometime.

    All the best,
    Christina @ The McGuire Family

  4. Yikes - where is your husband enrolled? My husband went to a top-tier law school (Boalt Hall), worked 40 hours per week the entire time at a grocery store in another town to support the family, did law review, moot court, and we had two, then three kids during those three years. He studied MAYBE 5 hours per week total, there was simply no time with family and work. Graduated with honors, passed the CA bar the first time. Your husband's professors must be slave drivers!


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