Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sadie's Saturday Morning Nun Talk: Part 4

Sadie and I were working out in the garden earlier this week.  I found that she's an awesome weed puller.  I just have to point her in the direction of weeds and she'll gleefully yank them up by their roots while chatting up a storm.  And I could hardly be surprised by the direction in which she quickly led the conversation.

Sadie:  "Mommy, will you miss me very much?"
Me:  "When Sweetie?"
Sadie:  "Will you miss me very much when I go away to live in Carmel and am a nun and I can't help you work in the garden anymore."
Me:  "Of course I'll miss you!  And who will help me in the garden?"
Sadie:  "Maggie of course!"
Me:  "What if Maggie decides to go with you to become a nun?"  (because Sadie loves pretending that she and Mae are going away to become nuns and she is a Carmelite and Mae is a Dominican)
Sadie:  (after a pause)  "Well, I'm sure you're going to have other babies."

Then she launched into a monologue about how she was going to pray very hard and how she was praying very hard and did I think that if she prayed very hard and loved God with all her heart that God would let her enter Carmel, and I responded that if God wanted her there and she wanted to be there nothing would stand in her way.

I also caught her having this conversation with Patrick:

Sadie:  "Patrick, do you want to be a priest when you grow up?  Do you Patrick?

Sadie: "Do you want to be a priest, Patrick?"

Sadie:  "Patrick, do you want to be a priest someday?  Do you?  When you grow up?"

I could go on and on.  She'll basically ask him the question repeatedly while he smile adoringly up at his big sister and says things like "ga" or "da" and squeals because he's pretty sure she's the most awesome person on the planet (along with Mae Bae who had him in hysterics yesterday when she hopped across the room like a bunny).

Although lately the priest questions are giving way to requests that be become a "friar" or "monk" after watching a movie about Saint John of the Cross.

In other news, we are in the midst of a crisis at the moment.  Sadie's nun habit is missing.  I can only find the cape/cloak part of it.  She's asked me for it every day for two weeks and I just can't find it.  And I have no idea where it is since I've completely folded the clothes on the laundry table, which is where I thought it was hiding.  Hopefully it turns up soon...  although with the length it is now that she's grown I guess I need to start sewing a replacement for the annual "new nun habit" portion of her birthday present that she asks for each year (she's already requested that this year it also be a Carmelite habit).


  1. So sweet!!! Little brothers are such fun to have conversations with.

    And would you please aim Sadie and her weed-pulling talents in my direction? ;)


  2. Beautiful! I wanted to be a nun when I was little. Things got in the way and I am now working my hardest to be obedient to God in the world. With the help of my poor priest who hears the craziest things from me! Please pray for him!

  3. This is so cute, and I find it so inspiring that you tell Sadie that she can be whatever she wants when she grows up - many parents try to direct their children too insistently, and children want to please their parents, but those who feel called to religious life can be left in a state of confusion: who do I obey - God or Mom and Dad? Happy Mother's Day - you are doing it right in encouraging whatever God calls your children to do!

  4. I wonder if you might consider adding nun habits to you store? I'd love to have one in our dress up bin!


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