Monday, May 6, 2013

Week Ending: 1

I just discovered a lovely new blog, which also happens to have a lovely new link up.  And that link up seems particularly perfect for Monday mornings, when my mind is not quite up to tackling anything in particular after a weekend of running around with the kids, which have resulted in a camera full of pictures of aforementioned weekend fun.  Re-inventing Mother is hosting Week Ending and I'm joining in!  Next week I'm sure it will inspire me to take even more pictures!

I particularly like the instructions about trying to limit words, because I'm still a little sleepy after a night of sewing.  Without further ado here's my first installment of Week Ending!

What's that in her mouth?  A dandelion...

To read more or join the link up click here!


  1. Thank you so much for your kind intro to my blog and link up! I am totally grateful!

  2. It is fixed now if you want to add a thumbnail! Thank you!

  3. It looks like your little ones kept you busy all weekend.


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