Thursday, May 23, 2013

Theme Thursdays: Bodies

When I read the Theme for Theme Thursday this morning, because we've spent the last few days in a flurry of action while traveling from Michigan to far Northern California and I hadn't been on the computer enough to plan much of anything, this picture immediately came to mind.  After having two chubby babies long lanky Patrick stands out.  He's my little string bean: 

He's not really sure how he feels about that monkey...
 He's always on the move these days, always busy with his quest to learn how to crawl so that he can escape his energetic big sisters cuddles... and his little body, while tall, seems so tiny after two rolly polly girls:

Which then, of course, got me looking back at pictures of Sadie and Mae when they were six months old and marveling over where the last two to four years have gone!

Mae was working on being on the move at six months too!

She was all eyes!

Here's Sadie, who Patrick definitely looks like!

Six months is such a fun, busy age!


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