Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sadie's Saturday Morning Nun Talk: Part 5

I was so busy on the craft fair weekend that I completely forgot to post a Sadie Saturday morning post and this past Saturday it completely slipped my mind.  So here it is, three days late:

"Nani, you don't have to tuck me into bed.  I'm going to be a nun, not a princess."

These words were spoken by Sadie, who is asserting her independence at the moment by insisting that she can make her own bed (score!) and that she doesn't need to be tucked into it.  However, this didn't mesh well with Mae's sudden bedtime tears last night. When Nani went in to comfort her while I got Patrick back to sleep, Sadie said:  "Here, I'll turn the nightlight on so Mae can stop crying" because apparently Mae shouldn't need help either (that didn't work out).  This was followed by: "Nani could you give me a hug and a kiss after you get Maggie to sleep?" So apparently she isn't quite as independent as she'd have us all believe.

On our way to the Mass where she sat in the pew by herself and mostly followed along with the sit-stand-kneeling routine ("like a nun" in her own words), she sang The Lourdes Hymn and then, when I began to sing a Hail Mary said: "Hey, that's the prayer that I pray all the time!"

And then there was our conversation about Memorial day:

Me:  "Memorial day is on Monday.  It's the day when we remember the people who fought and died to keep our country free..."
Sadie (after a few questions): "Today is also a day when we remember Jesus and the angels..."
Me:  "Yes, today is a day when we remember Jesus.  It's always good to think of Jesus."
Sadie:  "And Mary.  It's always good to think of Mary."
Me:  "And Mary."

Of course when she went on to explain Memorial Day to Grumpa, something was lost in translation:  "'morial day is the day when all the soldiers die so that all of us can be free!" Not exactly... but I guess that's the four year old interpretation of my explanation.


  1. LOL!!! I love reading stories about her, she is such a funny little girl! :D

  2. Wow, I am so impressed that Sadie can follow the sitting, kneeling and standing during Mass. That's awesome! She would be such a beautiful nun.

    Sometimes I wonder if my oldest daughter has a vocation to the religious life. Time will tell...


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