Monday, May 20, 2013

Week Ending: Craft Fair Edition (Volume 3)

It's over!  I survived!  I'm back on the blogging bandwagon, playing catchup to get everything organized after a rather disorganized handful of weeks.  Tomorrow I hop on a plane with Nani and Grumpa and the babies for a trip out to California that has been the focus of my long work days.  But first a recap of this weekend with my Week Ending Post.  

I'll start with Friday when we braved the mosquitoes for a short while before the chased us back inside.

Swarms... there are swarms of mosquitoes in our backyard...

And so many dandelions that Sadie could pick flowers all day long:

This is what happens when you have to two big sisters who want you to be the Prince in their fairy tale.

He was enthusiastic about joining in the fun, despite the fact that the only crown they had for him had a princess on it:

He enjoyed Nani snuggles.

At 6am we rolled in to the craft fair... and I began to decorate.  Here's my booth the first day...

And the quilts just waiting to be bought... so snuggly and soft...

Here's my booth amid the sea of hundreds of other booths, before the fair got started the first morning:

I was still incredibly optimistic (naive?) at this point:

Day 2 was more fun.  I had really low expectations.  And I did sell a little... just over enough to cover the booth fee and lunch, or so I thought, until Paul pointed out that I'd forked $14 over to the state of Michigan Treasury worker that came around to collect sales tax... so the burritos from the Chipotle across the street were out of pocket.  Oh well.  It wasn't a total loss.  I now have the inventory for an entire Etsy store, sewed and ready to go:

They are fluffy and cuddly:

Owls and cupcakes:

And dinosaurs of course!

Crayon rolls and bug rolls and jungle animal rolls...

I'm relieved that it's over.  Now to get my garden in the ground today, pack, ship orders, sew orders and get ready to go!  I guess it's not quite time to relax yet!


  1. I was supposed to come to the fair this weekend but opted out since I'm nine months along. ( avoiding heat and swollen feet at the moment) It would have been great to finally meet you and buy one of your lovely quilts for my new little man. (#7) Your stand looks so pretty.

  2. I may have missed it in your post, but would love to see your Etsy shop. I have a new grandson to but for!

  3. I am looking forward to the stalking in the etsy shop :) but I am very sorry that the fair wasn't as successful as you hope. I have found more and more craft fairs seemed to be stocked with mass produced junk and not really good craft items.

  4. Your booth looked great, so colorful. I'm excited for the etsy shop, I've got my eye on those crayon rolls!

  5. I am sorry the craft fare did not go that well. The dinosaur and owl quilts are cute. I love the crayon rolls so I will keep my eyes open for when you post them.

  6. Qucick! Get that Etsy shop open while we all feel bad for you and want to buy something! ;-)


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