Thursday, May 30, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Turtle Bay Edition

We took the girls to one of our favorite places in California, Turtle Bay Exploration Park.  We've been there many, many times, but this trip was special, because it's been almost a year, and it was Patrick's first trip.  And it was extra fun because Mae was old enough to realize what a special place it is.  

Today's pictures are all from our adventure at Turtle Bay:


She really didn't want to leave the hatching area.

They were so excited to see the turtles...

Can you tell what a joy it is to walk with Mae who lunges, jumps and collapses every few steps?

Sadie visiting her favorite truck.


She insisted she was bigger than the largest bat:

She asked:
"Are there very brave people who hunt mosquitoes?"

This was hardly surprising.  At least I brought extra clothes:

And:  "Mommy, was God very strong to make that?"


These pictures capture the part of the day when Sadie decided that her little sister really wasn't wet enough:

Patrick didn't want to take his eyes of Maggie.

She realized that if she got the water going above Mae, it would go down the plank and soak her and it wasn't really "splashing" her sister...

And Mae?  She's our little day dreamer... she day dreams a lot!  And playing in the water was no different!

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