Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Advent Music!

Do you have any favorite Advent songs? I'm trying to come up with an Advent playlist. There's only so much one can take of the top 30 Toddler Christmas Carols. All day. For a month...


  1. There's a station called "classical Christmas" on Pandora.com . It's so much nicer than the stuff they play over and over again on the radio!

  2. i posted one today. I love this version by enya! I've not heard it before.

  3. I'll search around...I need different songs as well

  4. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel is a good one. One of my favorite Christmas songs is O Come, All Ye Faithful.

    I think Bean and I will be setting the radio to a local religious station for the great Advent/Christmas hymns this year!

  5. Try "http://www.spiritandsong.com/staff-picks-advent-2010" some songs you can listen to on the site, sometimes they have free songs.

  6. How about

    Lo, How a Rose E're Blooming

    Once in Royal David's City

    Coventry Carol

    Some of these aren't strictly "Advent" music as opposed to Christmas or other music, but I hope you enjoy.

  7. Gaudete is a favorite.

    The Holly and the Ivy.

    The poster before me has a lot of my favorites as well.


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