Sunday, November 28, 2010


Here's what we came up with tonight. This is our new "tree." Paul spent the first part of decorating making fun of it. I think it's kind of cute though.

I did end up putting the princesses on. I started picturing Sadie trying to put them on and decided we could put that off for another year. I'm just hoping the entire tree stays standing all day tomorrow. And then the next day...

The tree was so tiny that I started trying to find different, creative places to hang the extra ornaments. Most of them did end up going back into the box. Here are a few that stayed out and became a hanging light decoration.


  1. I think your tree is cute. I like how you decorated the light fixture. My mom used to do that every year when I was a kid.

  2. I think your tree is cute, too!

    We're actually not doing a tree at home this year. Between Bean's curiosity and our climbing-inclined kitties, we weren't sure how they'd do with a tree. We're also going to be gone from Dec. 19 until the 26th on a family reunion/Christmas cruise, and I know I'd feel much better knowing I'll be coming home to a house that doesn't have a tree on the floor from the kitties.

    Our nativity scene will be going up on our mantle, though!


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