Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Daily Dose of Cuteness: Walking with Daddy! And a Maggie Update

While we're waiting for Daddy to get home from his last (I hope!) post op doctor's appointment (from having his knee repaired) to go on our daily family walk I thought I would post this picture from one of our walks last week!

Sadie would prefer to be carried like this on all of our walks! She has a better view of the flags!

And now for the Maggie Update: While I was helping Sadie get dressed this morning Maggie rolled over for the first time (intentionally at least) from her back to her front. She did front to back accidently earlier in the week (and scared herself into crying because she did it so quickly!). After I got Sadie dressed I walked into the other room to get a granola bar and a bottled water and when I came back Maggie had moved almost all the way across the room. She was lifting herself completely up on her arms and legs and then sliding backwards! I can't believe how strong she is! It's all that time she spends on her tummy watching her big sister play!


  1. Who wouldn't want to see the world from a little loftier viewpoint? Sadie has the right idea although I'm not sure Daddy's knee would agree. Babies grow up so fast, I know, but do they really start rolling over and scooting around at 4 months? Miss Maggie must be an infant prodigy! *smile*


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