Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trinity County Sheriff's Race Updates!

I have a source at the courthouse waiting as the election results come in for the Trinity County Sheriff's race! So far so good!

As of a little before 9:00 pm Bruce Haney is in the lead with 56% of the votes (the absentee ballots are being counted... I think while they wait for the other ballots to get here). I doubt I'll be awake when everything is finalized but I will update this post to keep anyone who's interested up to date!

Just got off the phone: Here's update-

29.9% of the county is reporting. Bruce had received 1246 votes, which equals 55.63% of the vote. Dave has received 977 votes or 43.62% of the votes. 17 votes have been cast for write ins.

9:30pm- Bruce has 57.31% of the votes!

10:00pm- Bruce 58.05% of the votes with 71% of the county reporting!

10:45pm- He won! Bruce Haney is the new Trinity County Sheriff with 58.05% of the votes! So I'll post this picture again, because it's so appropriate!

Congratulations to Sheriff Haney! We are so excited that you won!

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