Friday, November 19, 2010

Birth or Not? Here's Hoping It's Just Some Sick Hoax...

This is one of the most sickening things that I have ever read in my entire life. I first saw it over on National Catholic Register in an article by Tim Drake (the title? Have Baby, Will Abort).

Peter and Alisha Arnold, both 30, of Minneapolis are uncertain about whether or not to become parents... so they're going to let the people on the world wide web decide for them whether or not their child lives or dies.

I'm hoping that this is a hoax and that the couple are trying to make some sort of point (that in no way involves murdering a child). But from everything I've found googling the couple, there are only suggestions, because of the outrageousness of the claim, that they don't really plan on doing what they say they're going to do. Jill Stanek does think it's a hoax and I pray that she's right (the photo above is from her blog).

“Voting is such an important part of who we are as a people. Here's a chance where people can be heard about whether they are pro-choice or whether they are pro-life, and it makes a difference in the real world."
Here's what the article on Shine from Yahoo! said about it:
"Which brings me back to my final, somewhat disgusted point: If you have to ask the question, be prepared for an answer you might not be ready for. If you are really asking anonymous masses to decide whether or not your baby should live, you aren’t fit to be parents in any way. If you’re cool with using your fetus as a pawn for national debate, or a ticket to instant fame, you aren’t fit to be parents in any way. If comparing what is a very hard choice for many families to your sad, clicky sideshow seems like a viable way to operate in the world, you are not fit to be parents in any way. A stunt like this isn’t worthy of national debate, no matter which side of the abortion issue you are on. Should the Arnolds get an abortion? That's up to them, ultimately. But I'm pretty darn sure no child should be left their custody."
I would like to switch the world "ultimately" in the second to the last sentence of the paragraph above with the word "unfortunately."

I would suggest everyone go over and vote for her to have the baby, just in case it is real. This is one case where it's better to be safe and vote for the baby to live, even if there's a chance that it's a hoax.

I was kind of shocked that they've actually used their names. I guess they haven't thought about what their googling (or whatever the search engine of the future is) offspring is going to think when he searches for mom and dad and learns about their little poll. I seriously wouldn't want to have to explain this sort of thing to me twelve year old someday.


  1. I'm praying this is a hoax, as well. (Honestly, I hope she's not even pregnant.) And if it is real, I think this will be a case in which people like us will speak up as pro-life out of fear it's real. Those who are pro-choice will either think it's a hoax, or assume the parents will abort if they want to, anyway.

    But I still hope it's a hoax. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this to our attention!

  2. omgosh how absolutely horrible!!! that just disgusts me to no end. they are not fit to be parents at all, and i hope they keep the baby and give it a family that wants one

  3. *jaw drops*

    This CANNOT be real. This is more disturbing than the woman who tweeted about her abortion during the procedure.

    I voted for 'give birth' (obviously) and will repost.

  4. According to one pro-abortion blog, it's a prank:

  5. An interesting thing to point out. When the woman talks about her child, she distinctly uses the word, "baby." Anyone who has an unwanted child usually does not use this word. They want to forget that its a real human being.
    It seems like a hoax to me. What a terrible joke.

  6. Although I think it is really in bad taste, I do think that this couple's blog has a pro-life message. It suddenly becomes real when you can choose whether or not to abort a real baby. Many people don't even know someone who has had an abortion (I don't) and I am a former pro-choice person. Once I saw our first child on the ultrasound, the reality of abortion set in for me, and I've been pro-life ever since. It's easy to be pro-choice when the victims (mothers and babies both) are anonymous and faceless. These people are giving a face to the issue. Sure it is kind of a publicity stunt, but as you can see the votes are FAR in favor of keeping the baby. Far more than even the polls tell us that the USA is pro-life vs. pro-choice. I think that says something.

  7. Reading their blog and seeing the posts with ultrasound pictures makes me seriously want to cry.

  8. This reminds me so much of what I dislike about the pro-choice movement: so many times it comes down to whether the woman feels ready to be a mother or not, as this mother claims (even if it's a fake situation). I just want to plaster the world with flyers that say "Don't forget adoption!" Anyone can make the lovely choice of putting a child up for adoption; it's not just for teenagers, and I wish this was more frequently discussed. We often think of adoption as something that only happens in certain situations, to the very young or very poor, and we need to expand that idea. If people don't want babies, they don't want babies, but destroying them is not an option.

    Of course, my pro-choice friends say "Well, I'm not sure I could live with knowing my child was being raised by someone else," which to me sounds like when psychotics say "If I can't have you, nobody can" to their victims. I can't believe that some people would rather have the child die than grow up in someone else's household. So sad.

  9. Cricket: I agree! One of my close friends had her tubes tied because she never wanted kids, but she told me in confidence that if it failed, she'd give the child up for adoption since (as she put it), it's not the kids' fault that the surgery didn't work!


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