Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Veteran's Day Walk

The other day we took our camera with us when we went on our daily walk through town. One of the main reasons we brought it along was because it was Veteran's Day, which meant that the flags would be up all along the sidewalk. The other reason was that it was one of those chilly, flawless blue days and the leaves are just barely hanging on the trees, so we knew we wouldn't have a chance much longer to snap pictures of the changing colors. Here's what we saw:

The town museum is on the left.

An artist studio (in the brown barn) and the meadow where the farmer's market is held during summer. It's in between an art gallery with local artists' work and the Congregational Church.

The Congregational Church.

These trees are in front of a museum that is also the oldest Taoist Temple in the Western Hemisphere.

More of Sadie's Favorite Leaves.

The Gazebo.

A look at downtown. The red building at the end is the court house. The trees block most of the shops in this picture though! They're mostly red brick too!

Heading home.

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