Monday, November 8, 2010

Full of Grace Creations Monday Morning Giveaway: Amethyst Sacrifice Beads!

It's time for another Full of Grace Creations Monday Morning Giveaway! This weeks giveaway is a strand of amethyst sacrifice beads. They will be similar to the beads at right, except that the elastic will be clear (I'm having a tough time finding the right size black elastic these days for some reason!). The winner can also decide between a gold or silver colored crucifix and miraculous medal to complete the strand.

Now for the rules!

There's no limit to the number of times you can win (in other words, if you've won before you can enter again!)!

You can earn one entry simply for leaving your contract information in the comment section (only once though!).

You can earn one entry (each) if you tell me that you mentioned this giveaway on facebook or twitter!

You can earn three entries when you become a follower (or if you already are a follower!). Just mention it in the comment section (it can be in the same post).

Lastly you can earn five entries if you post the link to your blog post about this giveaway in the comment section!

Entries will be closed Sunday the 14th at noon and the winner will be announced sometime Monday morning!

And my international readers are welcome to enter! We ship internationally!

Good luck and God Bless!


  1. Those are beautiful! Would make a great Christmas present. I know exactly who I would give those to if I won...although I wouldn't mind some for myself, either!

    My contact info. is:
    I'm a follower, and I will post this contest on my blog:

  2. These are beautiful. I always wanted to make sacrifice beads. I want to win, I'm also a follower.

  3. Please enter me too!

    needles (at) fidnet (dot) com

  4. i am a follower and i will post this contest on my blog.

  5. Hi, Cam! I love the amethyst sacrifice beads! Contact info:; I am already a follower. -Eastlyn (Wilborn-White News)

  6. Ah! I wanted to buy these, but you don't ship to Canada, so I don't think I'm eligible to win them either. :P Drat.

  7. Hi Mary-
    I do ship to Canada now (and everyplace else!) for one extra dollar ($3 shipping everywhere for anything in the store!). And you can enter if you want to!

  8. So, hi!
    My name is Bethany and I'm a SAH(schooling)M of 4 children (9,6,3,10mths). I just came across your blog and I'm very excited, both by your topics of discussion as well as your beaded creations.

    I just signed on to follow you and my contact information is

    I am in between blogs at the moment but I will endeavor to create a link to this on my Facebook page.

    Thank you


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