Sunday, November 14, 2010

CCHD Sunday...

When Jesus saw the money changers and livestock in the temple he turned over tables and drove them out with a whip made of cords. What do you think He is feeling as He watches the USCCB's CCHD collection going on this morning, which for years have funded, and continue to fund the destruction of unborn life through their unscrupulous choices in fund recipients?

I wouldn't want to stand before Him and explain this particular set of choices on judgement day.

And there are many faithful groups that help the poor without supporting the culture of death. Send a few dollars their way rather than contributing to the evil.


  1. The CCHD collection is scheduled for this Sunday? I'm glad my Extraordinary Form parish doesn't participate in this. If your parish does, you can always put this flyer in the collection basket instead.

  2. WHY OH WHY do we need charities that give to charities that give to charities and eventually give to those in need?


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