Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giveaway, Coupons, and Cleaning: A Bit of Everything on a Busy Night

Tonight and tomorrow morning are your last chance to enter this weeks Monday Morning Giveaway, but I am excited to try out a new feature that Etsy is offering. If you read my blog there's a very good chance that you know that I'm a little bit crazy about coupons! Well now Etsy is allowing Etsy shop owners the chance to set up coupons for their own shops! So I plan on putting up my very first coupon tomorrow night (I think it will last for a week!).

Tonight (and the last few nights) blogs have been rather brief because I have been working on a bunch of new ideas for the shop and have been trying to get the house ready for Advent. We are just about to start decorating. We decided that at this point in Sadie's rather rambunctious life it is probably best if we get the apartment almost completely done, and let her wake up to the surprise, rather than trying to put up the tree and string lights with her enthusiastic "help." I'm going to present her with some princess ornaments I found (and used coupons to get free!) tomorrow morning and let her put those up herself, along with whatever other sturdy decorations I can find. Now to get things ready!

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