Friday, November 26, 2010

The Santa Visit

I posted this afternoon on Facebook that the odds of Sadie sitting on Santa's lap were 20:1. She actually did much better than I expected. I did take a little video which I'll try to upload later. But for now here are the pictures.

First here's a quick flashback. Here is a picture of Sadie the first time we took her to see Santa:

And then there was last year. I believe Santa may have been traumatized by the screaming:

And the aftermath... She was barely consoled by holding the candy cane:

She was rather joyous about the idea of Maggie sitting on Santa's lap. I'd asked her about it several times during the day and kept getting the same response. "Do you want to sit on Santa's lap today?" "No." (with a very serious look) and then, "Should Maggie sit on Santa's lap?" "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" (accompanied by jumping up and down and laughing). Maggie wouldn't give up Binkie, but wasn't phased by seeing Santa:

And then Sadie walked over and took a candy cane from Santa. Then she surprised all of us by blowing him kisses.

The next thing we knew she was having a nice little talk with him about Dora the Explorer (Nani has a couple of the DVDs) and she was shocked that he knew who Swipper and Boots were.

Maybe next year she'll sit on his lap! As for Maggie? Who knows!

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